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March 2023 Horoscopes: What May Come Your Way This Month

Pisces illustration featuring a woman with pink hair, the Pisces sign and illustrated stars.
Azra Hirji

Welcome to Pisces season! Read on for your March 2023 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying — from your career to your friendships to your love life — in the weeks to come.

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Illustration representing the Aries sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Aries horoscopes for March 2023

Class is in session

In many ways, it can feel as though the idea of home is being reintroduced and rejuvenated all at once. Life is being brought back into your home, both internally and externally, and the timing could not have been any better! The comfort of your home will feel especially needed this month, Aries, as you uncover and account for the baggage you have been carrying inside. Allowing your home, whatever that looks like for you, to be your safe space to be and freely express yourself will prove to be a medicine of sorts when life feels heavier than usual. Heaviness is often villainized in modern society — however, it can be a helpful teacher to learn about depth. Class is in session — get your notebook!

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Illustration representing the Taurus sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Taurus horoscopes for March 2023

Explore your emotions

A matter of the heart has unlocked suppressed emotions that, if addressed, can result in profound healing. Now is not the time to be stubborn, Taurus! While it may feel intimidating or even borderline delusional to submit to a feeling you cannot put into words, finding it within yourself to trust that you are feeling it for a reason will go a long way. The moment has come for you to submit and follow that persistent lingering feeling that has been leading you. Giving yourself the needed space and grace to explore and reexperience your suppressed emotions, along with sharing them with those you feel comfortable with, will assist you in releasing stale memories and feelings of powerlessness and connect you with those that care.

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Illustration representing the Gemini sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Gemini horoscopes for March 2023

Are you accurately representing yourself?

Gemini, what do you think you are known for and is it aligned with what you want to be known for? Like it or not, our reputation is built by what occupies our attention the most. While that may appear to be a personal experience, the truth is that you are as transparent as a glass of water. We all are! What you occupy your attention with the most can be detected through the people you surround yourself with, the places you frequent, the words you use to express yourself, and the things you socially entertain. All of the above is consciously and subconsciously compiled by those around you and stored as information about who you appear to be. Are you accurately representing yourself?

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Illustration representing the Cancer sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Cancer horoscopes for March 2023

Expanding beyond the familiar

Becoming more acquainted with your mystical side and sharing your findings with those who show interest will allow you to become more comfortable with acquainting yourself further with your mysticism. The support you receive from like-minded people can be used as a tool to motivate you to lower your guard and embrace this side of yourself. Nurturing this environment will assist you in creating a world that enables you to use and rely on your intuitive abilities to process information in the same way as your mind. Life has entered an unpredictable territory, and the veil between the reality you know and the ones you know are possible has been progressively lifting. You are being presented with an opportunity to expand beyond what is familiar.

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Illustration representing the Leo sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Leo horoscopes for March 2023

Choosing accountability over blame

Managing the emotional, mental and spiritual toll of past relationships can lead to a transformative breakthrough this month. The felt distance of the past can grant us needed space to view previous experiences with a fresh outlook. Memories that were once highly emotionally charged now have the opportunity to morph into emotional neutrality. The key to this transformation is to avoid identifying with or further internalizing anything previously experienced. Understanding that there is never blame to be placed, but accountability to be acknowledged can turn a victim or villain into someone who is growing and learning from their past actions. Finding closure from these experiences will assist you in ultimately ending those chapters of your life with inspiration and personal satisfaction in your back pocket.

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Illustration representing the Virgo sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Virgo horoscopes for March 2023

Magnification of the self

If you were asked to describe yourself in three words, what words would you choose? A more profound question may be, whom do you know yourself to be? Your self-concept, internally and externally, is being amplified this month, along with what you want your legacy to be. Often, the concept of legacy is viewed as something outside of ourselves that we physically leave behind for the world to remember who we are. However, our legacy can also be our impact on those we have met in our lifetime. Considering the parallel between whom you know yourself to be and your legacy, how can you marry these two concepts in your world where they are both honoured and sincerely intended? Dive deep to retrieve your answers.

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Illustration representing the Libra sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Libra horoscopes for March 2023

Beware of distractions

Libra, your attention is needed more than ever as you approach a milestone that you have been working towards for some time now. The closer you get to your temporary destination, the louder internal and external distractions become, which occurs by design. The fear of change is one internal distraction to be keenly aware of this month. Doing things the way you have always done them and remaining in your comfort zone may sound nice in the moment; however, it is holding you back from getting where you desire to go. Instant gratification will only take you so far. Learning to overcome your fears by tapping into your ability to discern will help you avoid making judgment calls that do not suit your best interest.

Illustration representing the Scorpio sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Scorpio horoscopes for March 2023

Creative inspiration

Exploring the best way to express yourself creatively will occupy a significant amount of your attention this month and produce works of art you did not know you had in you! Personal satisfaction can be achieved in many ways, however, going down the path of creative expression will provide rewarding results, Scorpio. When was the last time you were deliberately creative? Operating linearly has its benefits, but it can only be used to achieve some things. Sometimes closing your eyes and letting your intuition guide you is the most efficient and suitable way to get other things done. You are being asked to turn down the process of your mind and tune into the feelings of your heart. There is a masterpiece waiting to be realized.

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Illustration representing the Sagittarius sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji


Sagittarius horoscopes for March 2023

Privacy and the free-spirit

The increasing density of your personal life is causing you to withdraw from the center of attention and shift inward. Deep down, the desire for safety has been turned up ten notches due to the surfacing profound truths catching you off guard. This energy shift has got you wanting to keep parts of your life private, but it is creating a conflict with your ability to feel like the free spirit you know yourself to be. Sagittarius, it is possible to feel free yet protected. Knowing whom you can and cannot trust will help keep your sensitive information in good hands, and adjusting your view of yourself to someone you know you can trust can help make your moments of solitude feel less lonesome.

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Illustration representing the Capricorn sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Capricorn horoscopes for March 2023

Bye, autopilot

Capricorn, what is your philosophy on life and how was it developed? The moment has come for you to update your system so that you can be in the know about your views on life. Becoming aware of the unwritten rules that guide you and how you live your life can be a catalyst for releasing what no longer serves you and embracing what does. Existential questions within this vein will be at the forefront of your consciousness this month, prompting internal exploration. The desire to live on autopilot can feel enticing due to the apparent low maintenance, however, it often becomes costly over time. Gone are the days of existing mindlessly and operating the way you did yesterday just because. It’s too expensive!

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Illustration representing the Aquarius sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji


Aquarius horoscopes for March 2023

Priming for massive change

Massive strides are taking place this month, Aquarius, so strap in! Your long-winded self-imposed psychological evaluation has finally ended, putting you in the position of accepting past beliefs you let dictate who you are. The truth is you are whom you choose to be, and the moment has come to deliberately embody the responsible leader you know you can be — it is needed! Your first order of business is to optimize your income potential by first becoming aware of the habits limiting what you can generate, so you can open yourself to seeing all the ways you can double it. A place to start may be to consider sharing information on a topic you know in abundance.

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Illustration representing the Pisces sign of the zodiac.
Azra Hirji

Pisces horoscopes for March 2023

Validating your wants and needs

The idea of committed relationships and what you require within a relationship, specifically a romantic one, will dominate your mind this month. The feeling of needing to become clear on exactly what you want and need to have a successful relationship may cause you to feel frustrated or even sad at times. These emotions tend to manifest to get us to expand our beliefs surrounding our worth and value, which can activate old wounds we thought were healed. If you notice yourself feeling heavy or unsavoury emotions, find it within yourself to continue the exploration of your wants and needs. It will help you feel more confident about yourself, future committed relationships and attracting a loving partner.

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