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Major Wedding Trends To Look For in 2022 — According to an Expert

Beautiful bride in stylish white wedding dress with colourful flowers

Ah… just like that, wedding season is finally upon us. With a busy event-filled summer, it’s no doubt we have some questions about trending themes, colours, outfits and more.

As the seasons change, so do major wedding trends and with the world feeling a bit more open than the past few years (for now) and wedding season booming, here are some upcoming trends we can expect to see this summer.

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What are the biggest wedding trends for 2022 in Canada?

From decor to guest lists, according to Vogue and Erica Irwin, owner and principal planner at Erica Irwin Weddings & Events, there are a few big wedding trends that we’ll see more of this season. Here are five of our favourites:

Wedding trend #1: multiple-day weddings

Say goodbye to the days weddings were just a reception, a dinner and some dancing — and say hello to wedding weekend getaways with outfit changes, multiple venues and lots of fun (a type of wedding that some cultures have long embraced, but which aren’t always the norm in Canada).

We’ve seen this multi-day wedding trend most recently by Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker and the whole Kardashian-Jenner family on their long-weekend getaway to Italy for the newlyweds’ extravagant wedding in May 2022.

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bride with bright pink heels and a colourful bouquet

Wedding trend #2: dopamine-filled environments

Inspired by 2022’s dopamine dressing trend of using bright vibrant colours to boost your mood, and after a long two years, wedding planners are brightening up weddings — creating “dopamine environments” that are rich with pops of colour and cheer.

With this trend, we can expect to see vibrant colours, bright floral centrepieces and even fun-coloured outfits.

“Gone are the days of only a white gown and a black tux,” said Irwin. “We are still seeing white gowns (of course), but some are now pink or even black, really any colour goes. One of my new favourites is the white pant suit though, or the change to a dancing outfit,” she added.


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couple standing outside with woman holding bouquet of flowers

Wedding trend #3: outdoor attractions

While many restrictions have lifted and life may feel (for the most part) normal, do you still find yourself hesitant to attend crowded events so soon? You’re not alone — and this is inspiring a rise in outdoor weddings and open-air events. Whether done in outdoor tents or on a hot sunny day, this trend will definitely require light, bright materials.

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Wedding trend #4: Dress codes are back — it’s time to look the part

This wedding season we are stepping up and stepping out, and most importantly we are (finally) getting out of our at-home offices and PJs and into something a little more fancy.

A new trend this summer that relies heavily on guest participation? Hoping guests understand the fashion-inspired assignment.

“The black tux is always a classic, but of course we are starting to see some colours like forest green and burgundy for example be added into the mix,” Irwin added.

From black tie to colour code, dust off your best dress because this trend requires everyone’s best effort.

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Bride in white dress facing a bride in a white suit, with an officiant in the background

Wedding trend #5: Change in numbers

With two years of simple, intimate weddings due to COVID-19 and recurring lockdowns, more and more couples are now compensating by going big with their wedding plans — put simply, this summer, sometimes the bigger the better.

However, according to Irwin, a guest list of 120 guests and under is very common now.


“Couples are concentrating more on a quality guest experience instead of trying to get every person they ever knew to attend, they want to spend time with everyone they invited not just a passing hello as they move table by table during dinner,” Irwin said.

“They are also spending more to make it special for each guest they invited; for example, amazing food with a wine pairing during the dinner, open bar, unique tablescapes, a place setting and centrepiece at their guest tables have been upgraded to photo booths where guests get to leave with a really beautiful photo,” Irwin added.

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What’s out (for now) when it comes to wedding trends?

While all weddings are beautiful when they align with the wedding couples’ taste, there are a few wedding trends that we saw everywhere a few years ago. but that are now becoming less popular. We’re likely to see less of these wedding trends in 2022:

No more neutral colours

As we noted earlier, when it comes to weddings, we’re swapping out soft neutral tones for vibrant, fun colours. This may look like waving goodbye to sage green and off-white, and welcoming hot pink and bright yellow.

Forget the formal first supper

Long, expensive formal dinners are out: instead, this summer we’re doing BBQ-style dinners where guests can eat and drink at their own convenience. This experience is set to be more personable, and ties hand in hand with the new outdoor experience.

Less toasts, more dancing

Gone are the days where we spend hours clinking our glasses over and over in celebration of a toast.

While we still look forward to hearing from the parents, sibling and best man/woman, many are swapping out extra speeches to save time for more dancing and fun — and we’re here for it.

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While we have seen many wedding trends over the years, from big, bold, business in the ’80s and minimalism in the ’90s, to small intimate gatherings in 2020, we cannot wait to see what this wedding season has in store.

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