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Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Where She Stands With Danielle Olivera After Friendship Feud

Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard on 'Watch What Happens Live'
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As we saw in the trailer for Summer House season 7, Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera’s friendship is on the rocks. Throughout the clip, the ex-BFFs are at odds over Hubbard’s romance with co-star (and now-fiancé) Carl Radke, but now we’ve gotten the chance hear Hubbard’s side.

We recently got to sit down and chat with both Hubbard and Radke about the upcoming season, where Hubbard revealed that she’s still in a rough spot with Olivera, and she’s “devastated about the fallout of that friendship.”

“It was very unexpected,” Hubbard said in distress. “Walking into summer, I would never have guessed that certain things would happen within our friendship that revolved around my relationship. I don’t know, it was just a very confusing couple of months of trying to figure it out – and I’m still confused.”

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From what we’ve seen in the trailer, a lot went down between the pair – from Olivera calling Hubbard “f––king defensive” to Paige DeSorbo saying that the friendship is “beyond repair” – and Hubbard isn’t quite sure where it all came from. Ultimately, she’s hoping that she’ll get some more clarity about the loss of that friendship when she watches it all play out on screen.

“I really spent so many months trying to understand where this all came from,” Hubbard continued. “As much as I hate that I have to relive a fallout with my best friend, I’m hoping that maybe I can learn more of why this happened and how it happened because I’m also just like, “what the hell just went down and why and how?” So I’m hoping to get answers and those scenes are going to be the hardest for me to watch.”

Hubbard explains that it was really hard on her and Radke to have their relationship lie at the centre of so many arguments.


“I mean, it’s just so weird having your relationship cause so much conflict,” Hubbard explains. “Listen, we’re happy. If that’s causing conflict for you, that’s weird, right?”

Despite causing a lot of tension in the Summer House over their relationship, the unique situation ultimately deepened their bond.

“I don’t think it impacted our relationship with each other,” Hubbard adds. “In fact, I actually think it made us stronger in our relationship because it was like, okay, well, I guess we’re going to support each other through all of this muddiness out there.”

Of course, there’s so much more drama to come out of the Summer House and we got the scoop on it all from Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke, so if you want to read more about season 7, check out the interview in full here.

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