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Interview: Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke Talk Friendship Fallouts and ‘Summer House’ Season 7

Carl Radke smiling as Lindsay Hubbard shows off her engagement ring
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Calling all Summer House fans: we’ve got the scoop on what to expect from season 7 from the show’s very own Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke.

We love our Canadian Summer House watchers,” Radke said as he sat beside Hubbard with a smile. “Yeah, we have a lot of support. A lot of support up north.”

The recently engaged couple spoke with us about their proposal, their shocking friendship fallouts with Danielle Olivera and Kyle Cooke and the impact that Summer House has on their relationship.

Hubbard and Radke were ready to spill all, teasing that Summer House season 7 is full of conflict – primarily revolving around their relationship. So, what can we expect from the new season of Summer House? Read on to see what Hubbard and Radke have to say.

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Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard detail their engagement

First of all, I just want to congratulate you two on the engagement. You guys seem like such a cute couple. Can you tell us a little more about the proposal?

Carl: Well, you’ll see it on this coming season. I talked to Kyle a little bit about it. I talked to Chris – he’s a new cast member. I had a plan in my head going into the summer, but I kind of wanted to feel out some things and try and find the right weekend. How to do it was kind of a question because she’s really hard to catch off guard – very hard to surprise. And  the most important thing was making it very special for her. I wanted to sweep off her feet because it’s a once in a lifetime thing – at least for me.

Lindsay: Well, I hope for me, too. Oh my gosh.


Carl: (laughing) But you’ll get to see, you know, some of the planning that went into place. You’ll see me ring shopping. And then the actual day of, I mean it was an interesting journey to get to that day, but I feel very fortunate that we got to live that out on camera. It added a layer of intensity and pressure, but I had Kyle to lean on for a little bit of support because he’s certainly been down that road. I think I knocked it out of the park, but you’ll see.

Lindsay: He definitely knocked it out of the park.

Carl: They’re going to have some amazing footage of it. There was a drone that was flown. There were several cameras. She was surprised as hell. And then there was another surprise, which I can’t share, after I proposed. I think it really was special for her, and for us, and it just made I think it all come together even more. It’ll be fun to have that to watch back.

Lindsay: Yeah, I’m excited to watch the behind-the-scenes of Carl gearing up for this proposal.

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Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke smile at each other on 'Watch What Happens Live'
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I’m glad it all worked out smoothly for you guys – especially considering your relationship seems to lie at the centre of a lot of conflict this season. Did it have a big impact on the two of you, especially with the engagement?

Lindsay: I mean, it’s just so weird having your relationship cause so much conflict. Listen, we’re happy. If that’s causing conflict for you, that’s weird, right? So I don’t think it impacted our relationship with each other. In fact, I actually think it made us stronger in our relationship because it was like, okay, well, I guess we’re going to support each other through all of this muddiness out there.

It’s just so weird having your relationship cause so much conflict. Listen, we’re happy. If that’s causing conflict for you, that’s weird.

Carl: I mean, it’s unfortunately kind of tradition to kind of point arrows at the relationships in the house or the couples. I know Kyle and Amanda have certainly been through their ups and downs within the group. But I don’t know, I was excited to show this new side of us. We’re in a relationship. We’re happy. We want to have fun. We’re a huge part of this house and contribute to planning a party or inviting friends. We’re a big part of that and it’s hard when there is conflict around something that seemed happy and we’re doing the things that make sense to us. I get that our relationship can be polarizing just because we’re in a happy place. We’re a little more considerate of going out late at night. We maybe are a little more focused on each other and I think that sometimes that can be polarizing, unfortunately.


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Lindsay: If you think about the time that we were filming Summer House, it was in July and August and we had started dating in October, right? So we’re talking about like six, seven months later. When we were filming we were still in that honeymoon phase. We’re still calling each other “babe.” We’re still lovey-dovey and we’re also just both naturally very affectionate people towards the ones that we love. So, you know, I don’t really think that people ever saw him super affectionate with a romantic partner and they never really saw that too much with me because I always chose the wrong partners. So, seeing that within us is kind of surprising for people, but that’s not going to stop us from being who we are.

Carl: Yeah, but hopefully our Canadian friends, like when couples call each other “babe,” because that is the word of the summer for sure. I never thought twice about it, but it’s definitely a thing where people are cringing at the “babe” talk. But I don’t know, when you’re happy and you have a name for your lover –


Lindsay: (Singing) When you’re happy and you know it, call her “babe!”

Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard smiling and holding hands
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Where do Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera stand?

From the trailer we can see there’s a lot of friendship fallouts. Lindsay, a lot of fans seem devastated to see the downfall of your relationship with Danielle Olivera. How are you feeling about your friendship and where do the two of you stand today?

Lindsay: I also am devastated about the fallout of that friendship, so I feel the fans on that one. It was very unexpected. Walking into summer I would never have guessed that certain things would happen within our friendship that revolved around my relationship. I don’t know, it was just a very confusing couple of months of trying to figure it out – and I’m still confused. I really spent so many months trying to understand where this all came from. So, I don’t know. As much as I hate that I have to relive a fallout with my best friend, I’m hoping that maybe I can learn more of why this happened and how it happened because I’m also just like, “what the hell just went down and why and how?” So I’m hoping to get answers and those scenes are going to be the hardest for me to watch. So hopefully the fun scenes will be super fun and that’ll hold me through all the harder scenes of the fallout of my friendship.

As much as I hate that I have to relive a fallout with my best friend, I’m hoping that maybe I can learn more of why this happened and how it happened.

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Do you feel like you started to rely on or get support from other people in the cast amidst the shift of your friendship with Danielle?

Lindsay: Yeah, so there are two new girls, Gabby and Sam, who I thought did a really, really great job this summer staying neutral. That’s very hard, right? Like you’re coming in and there’s all of these different personalities and females and conversations and preconceived notions and shit talking and groups formed and then you’re coming in like, “Oh my God, where do I go?” But I think they did a great job, which made me feel supported. And then I think Maya really did a good job with checking in on me. I know that in the first episode we go at it and into the second episode, but after that we really came together and I think I appreciated her friendship and her support a lot this season and this summer.

Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke
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Are Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke still friends?

And so, for Carl, you also seem to have some tension in your own friendships. In the trailer we see that play out with Kyle a little bit in particular. Where do the two of you stand? Are you still good friends?

Carl: Yeah, I mean, we’re still friends. It’s been obviously very complicated for the last couple of years, just working together and building a business. And, you know, we’re so ingrained in each other’s lives, but professionally, the business has taken off and I think it’s blown up to a huge capacity where it’s been hard. We both have put in a lot of work and effort and I think our friendship sometimes takes a backseat. You’re going to see me and Kyle kind of face each other from a professional standpoint, like “is this the right fit for me? Should I continue on here?”

There’s so much love and history between the two of us. I obviously officiated their wedding. There’s a world where we’re going to be friends, it just may be a little different and that’s going to take some time to maneuver, but we had dinner the other night. I love Kyle, I do. It’s just been a complicated run,


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You both have experienced a lot of growth and I’m sure that through the friendship shifts and your sobriety journey it’s been great to have each other. Do you feel like the two of you have grown together since the season was filming?

Carl: Yeah, I think we have. I mean, just in our relationship and communication, that’s always going be a constant thing we need to work at. But I think we’re getting even more comfortable, obviously, because we were friends before. We now are in that kind of second phase of our relationship where, I mean, everybody talks about honeymoon and all that. I’m still head over heels for her and we have our honeymoon moments, but real life continues to set in and planning a wedding and careers and family. I feel like we’ve continued to learn more about each other and fall more in love with each other. I spent Thanksgiving with her family in Florida, which was incredible. I’m always thinking we’re going to grow, but this summer we definitely looked at each other and were like, wow, that was a lot, but least we had each other.

Lindsay: Our growth and our relationship right now is very different than our growth from our relationship over summer. Over summer, it was still growing and it was this love bubble, as Teresa [Giudice] loves to say. The phase we’re in now is about learning how to communicate with each other and our different communication styles, and we’re growing more in that way. We’re growing more into an emotional intimacy as opposed to, like physical intimacy.

The cast of Summer House season 7
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What can fans expect from the new season of Summer House?

Carl: You can expect a whole lot of good theme parties, which everybody loves about our program — we like to go all out. I think that’ll be a lot of fun. I just want to say personally, not drinking, but still dressing up — it’s like you kind of get into character. I think I find a lot of joy and fun in our themes. The second one I’ll say is that you’ll get to see we had a housewarming-slash-birthday party for Lindsay at our new apartment, so the audience will get to be invited into our home and, you know, we have a party which is kind of new for our show. You see people at their apartments or Kyle and Amanda together, but it’s never really been done where we have a party at someone’s house in New York City. It’ll be fun for the audience to have the housewarming event with us, so I think that’ll be something to look forward to.

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Lindsay: Yeah, I mean, you’ll obviously see a lot of fun. You’ll see the drama. You’ll see shocking moments, and I feel like it’s all of the elements of why Summer House is just such an amazing show for viewers. Because you’re just like, “what? What?! WHAT?!”

 You’ll see shocking moments, and I feel like it’s all of the elements of why Summer House is just such an amazing show.

Carl: Yeah, it’s always the little commentary in the kitchen when you’re not really thinking the camera’s there or the small talk in your bedroom and some of that stuff.  There’s a lot of fun commentary and jokes and funny things and I always love the show for that.

Lindsay: What about “Don’t activate me?” What about “sandwiches?”


When does Summer House season 7 premiere?

Tune in to the Summer House premiere on February 13 at 10EP on Slice, the Global TV app or STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels, fuboTV, Rogers Ignite TV and Ignite SmartStream.

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