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June 2021 Horoscopes: What the Stars Have in Store for Your Love Life and Career

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Read on for your June 2021 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying about your love life, social life and career this month from Astrology Detective

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Aries #WhatYouSay?

You could suffer serious misunderstandings in your communications during the first half of the month, which could lead to fights around the home. Do your research before accepting social invitations, as friends and acquaintances may be arranging outings to places or events outside your budget. Don’t feel you need to break your bank to keep up with the Joneses. Likewise, you could scare off potential suitors with an overly aggressive attitude mid-month, but after the 20th, your magnetism will be on overdrive, surrounding you with non-stop opportunities for romance and excitement. If you are single, don’t let this magic time go to waste — get yourself out there!

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Taurus #BreakTheBank

You are normally very cautious and level headed when it comes to career and money. This month, however, you may grow increasingly frustrated at a slow-moving, joyless situation at work. This may push you to your breaking point; you may spontaneously confront colleagues and bosses, or even chuck it all in and walk away. For a methodical sign such as yours, this could seem like a very scary circumstance, but it may help free you from a stagnant, stultifying situation. For several years now, you have been longing for a more freewheeling approach to life, and this could help realign you to a more stimulating career path. In any case, you may still want to step back and think things over for 24 hours before making any rash moves that could affect your take-home pay.

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Gemini #FreeOnTheInside

If the horizons of your world are closing in, and you feel like you are increasingly surrounded by a boring, brittle environment devoid of inspiration or joy, instead of looking externally for motivation, try looking inside yourself. You are currently a perpetual motion machine of originality and wonder. By getting back in touch with things that invigorated you in the past, you could shake up your present and jolt yourself back to life after a rather long slumber. Resurrect an old fashion look as a means of touching base with parts of your identity that have slipped away. Dig out your old favorite outfits or wear your hair and make-up like you did when you were at your happiest and most productive. By the end of the month, you will be feeling your previously creative, upbeat self, able to reach out and uplift all those around you.

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Cancer #InnerRumblings

Deep down, you may suddenly be coming to the realization that all those fun, freewheeling friends of yours may have been right all along about your cold, domineering love partner. This month the decision is yours: are you going to drive away whatever sidekicks you have left in order to oblige your significant other in their attempts to isolate you, or are you going to stand up for your right to have a social circle at the risk of provoking your partner’s ire. Some of you may even make a quiet, inner decision to leave a suffocating romantic situation, but first you need to put your finances in order by getting a job and earning a livable wage. Luckily, until the end of July, you are at a two-year peak in terms of increasing your earnings, so get out there and look for a higher paying position.



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Leo #ReachOut

While you may still be feeling overwhelmed by a constantly shifting workload, June offers you an excellent time to hit the pause button and get back in touch with friends who have fallen by the wayside. You will be able to pick up where you left off, allowing old comrades to suddenly return to a place of importance in your life. In terms of love, June is a moment of reckoning. There are major opportunities to find and forge a long-lasting commitment, but you have to carve out time away from work in order to cultivate a romantic relationship. Make a pact with yourself to spend more quality time with an existing partner or to make space in your hectic schedule to seek out true love.

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Virgo #LabourPains

A long-term pile-up of dreary everyday duties, combined with sudden new career opportunities, may leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Try not to let routine responsibilities blind you to interesting new professional paths that could appear out of the blue early in the month. You need to act fast to pounce on possibilities before they evaporate. Don’t let your need for perfection and tendency to overanalyze things keep you from striking while the iron is hot. If you are feeling anxious or underwater, the second half of the month is an excellent time to enter counseling to finally heal from deep-seated trauma, so you can emerge confident and like new later this summer.

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Libra #ExpandingHorizons

Yours is a sign that lives for romance, but this month, love may bring you nothing but headaches, especially when it comes to shared experiences and resources. Your conservative, penny-pinching partner may try to put the kibosh on your luxurious, free-spending ways, leading to a mini-crisis mid-month. You are better off investing your time and energies beyond the walls of romance. Get back in touch with old hobbies or spiritual activities that used to bring you joy and meaning. Your social sphere is bursting with vibrancy, offering a sure-fire, super-fun escape route from a restricting significant other. You may even decide to leave the old ball-and-chain at home for a while and hit the road for an impromptu, adventure-filled road trip, either by yourself or with friends.


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Scorpio #DutyOrExhileration

This month, your work and home lives are at complete odds, with an exhilarating professional life overflowing with exciting new possibilities contrasting against the drudgery of domesticity. At home, you are thanklessly tasked with being everybody’s dutiful caregiver, while at the office, you are on fire — your ambition, enthusiasm and skills will motivate and inspire everyone around you, including your boss, who may decide to give you a role of greater leadership. Meanwhile, a temperamental romantic partner is demanding all your time and attention, regardless of all your other responsibilities. Try to focus on career-building while you can. Vibes this good won’t come again for another two years.

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Sagittarius #TheBanalityOfLove

Your day-to-day life with your romantic partner may feel like walking on eggshells, especially during the first half of the month. You never know what small, inconsequential trigger will set them off, leading to icy arguments, where they are unloading their unhinged emotions on you, while refusing to engage. Your cold distance, however, only spurs them on more. Your mind may be thinking back to long-lost loves who brought a deeper sense of meaning or connection to your life. The first twenty days of the month are a perfect time to reach out to the one who got away. By the end of June, you are up for escape and adventure, so you may want to take a spontaneous trip to somewhere off the beaten path.

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Capricorn #BlindedByLove

A temperamental lover may try bullying you into lavishing them with money that you don’t have. While you are normally a sign who prefers high-quality items with an equally high price tag, this isn’t the best moment for you financially. For the next two years, you should try to reign in unnecessary spending in order to maintain a balanced bank account and save for a rainy day. Your normal approach of wooing high-status romantic partners with high-status wining and dining just isn’t advisable at the present time. This more conservative approach to spending may cause existing loves to feel like they were sold a false set of goods — but if they were only after you for your lifestyle and money, and not you as a person, you may want to start questioning the entire relationship.

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Aquarius #OutTheDoor

While you are normally a freewheeling sign, at the present moment, there is nothing you crave more than stability and logic. Your usual fascination with eccentric, off-beat, and bewitchingly off-kilter romantic partners is at an all time low, leaving you with little patience for manipulative game-playing and passionate histrionics. Instead of being enticed and intellectually stimulated by romantic hyper-emotionality, all you want is peace and predictability. Perhaps that sweet, straightforward person you let get away in the past was the right choice, after all. You have until the 20th to reach out and rekindle the flames. If you do, you could very well discover that a truly exciting love life is based on genuine inspiration and deep-rooted originality, not fake drama.

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Pisces #ComeHomeToRoost

Sudden disruptions around the home may leave you reflecting on concepts regarding rootedness and a nourishing domestic environment. If you are living with roommates, a romantic partner or your family, you may suddenly decide to move out on your own. Alternatively, you may choose to move back in with your family or an ex, in order to relish their positive vibes and re-establish a feeling of stability. Early in the month, you may tire of a game-playing potential suitor who is part of your social network and decide to break things off. No worries, you are surrounded by a myriad of charming, sweet and caring possibilities until the 26th.

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