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This is How She Does It: This Toronto Creative Earns $84K per Year Freelancing


This is How She Does It takes you behind-the-scenes of the lives of Canadian entrepreneurs and professionals charting new territory in their careers. They reveal the stories behind their triumphs as they take on the worlds of business, art, cannabis and more. Watch as they give us a tour of their homes, get real about their income and the unique challenges they face as trailblazers.

Each week, we’ll meet a new Canadian who will share their story while offering advice and inspiration.

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Teaunna Gray sits on a couch in her home.

Meet Teaunna Gray: a freelance filmmaker, photographer and business owner

Teaunna Gray is proof that you can make it as a creative with self-belief and perseverance. She juggles her time as a freelance filmmaker, photographer and owner of two business ventures, Sunday Afternoon and Of Sorts Studio. Watch to get inspiration as she takes you on a tour of her home, filled with vintage housewares, crystals and art.

The comradery I feel between the BIPOC community and the city is growing, and it feels so great to be in a space that’s improving in that regard.

Early on, Teaunna learned that focusing on one idea or venture wasn’t in the cards for her, and gave herself the space to explore her many interests. She shares what keeps her driven, how she manages her money, and why her work is so important to her.

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