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July Horoscopes: Predictions For Your Love Life and Career

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Summer is officially here, and so is Cancer season! Read on for your July 2022 monthly horoscopes to find out what the stars are saying about your career, love and social life this month from your favourite Astrology Detective — we sure do hope it’s a good one.

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Aries horoscope for July 2022

Focus on finances

A romantic flame could ignite your heart — and your ego — by pumping up your image of yourself with flattery and fawning. While you may feel like a million bucks, it may come at a similarly high price if you squander all your hard-earned savings on your sweetie. Try to rope in spending during the last half of the month, or you may regret it later. Instead, use July’s energy to increase your income. Your financial savvy will be on-point, allowing you to attract a multitude lucrative new earning opportunities. It’s an excellent period to seek new clients, find employment or start your own business.

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Taurus horoscopes for July 2022

Nurture your social savvy

After feeling rather low energy for the past month or so, you come roaring back to life from the 4th. Your charisma and magnetism is off the charts, so catch up on all your communications, as this will be an excellent time for reaching out and chat with friends, neighbours and potential colleagues. Try to schedule work negotiations or interviews on the 12th, when you have the proper blend of charm and hardnosed savvy to strike an advantageous deal. Your family or domestic situation may cause you some headaches at month’s end. Try not to let petty household drama stoke your ire and distract your focus from professional success.

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Gemini horoscopes July 2022

Take that getaway

When it comes to planning summer-holiday travel or even slipping out of town for a short getaway, try to do so during the first half of the month, when you will be filled with inspiration and awe while exploring and fully immersing yourself in far-flung places. Your day-dreamy mood could kill your enthusiasm at work, but if you concentrate on visionary, creative tasks, you could substantially up your income. Poor investment decisions could come back to haunt you at the end of the month, so resist putting your cash into next-gen schemes like crypto or NFTs. You may be in an extravagant mood, so watch your spending while socializing with friends on the 8th and 24th.

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Cancer horoscopes for July 2022

Close that chapter

If you are growing sick and tired of your romantic life being nothing but a non-stop game of manipulation, control and power, rest assured this super-long chapter of your life is nearing its end once and for all. This month, however, you will still need to deal with a lover who is resentful of your career success and charming, nurturing personality. Don’t let them steal your shine. Instead of talking things out, it would be better to temporarily escape the situation by going on holiday solo or with friends and family. The more distance you can put between yourself and your significant other, the more exhilaration you will feel at being alive and part of this awe-inspiring universe. If you can’t travel, escape through books, study, art or spiritual pursuits, such as yoga.

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Leo horoscopes for July 2022

Make it work

If your working life has been nothing but an endless grind for years now, you finally get your mojo back. Your ambitious, revved-up attitude will make you feel there is nothing you can’t accomplish, and working towards your goals will only invigorate you, instead of sapping you of your energy. If you have been harbouring entrepreneurial dreams, all systems are go to get them off the ground so they can bring long-term success. Just make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, or you could feel overwhelmed by month’s end. Mid-month is a great time for socializing. You may even meet a potential long-term partner through a friend on the 12th, so don’t be afraid to ask your pals to set you up with someone.

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Virgo horoscopes for July 2022

Shake things up

July is the perfect month to break free from stagnant routines and seek new horizons through travel, knowledge and spiritual awakening. The amount of chores you have piled up around you is enormous, but the world won’t end if you cut loose and hit the road for a summertime adventure. Whether a full-week holiday, weekend getaway or spontaneous daytrip, you deserve some rest, relaxation and reinvigoration. You always take such good care of everyone else, it’s time you concentrate on taking care of yourself. The early part of the month offers a multitude of opportunities to hangout with friends, both old and new — you may even meet a dreamy suitor while out and about on the 13th, so make sure to socialize.

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Libra horoscopes for July 2022

Lean into your leadership skills

During the first part of the month, concentrate on professional success, investments and negotiating an improved benefits package at the office. Your leaderships skills will allow you to harmoniously take the helm on all group projects without the usual jockeying for position or competitive resentments that often come with team dynamics. After the 20th, the focus shifts to socializing and enjoying the upbeat vibes of summer. You may want to keep your career accomplishments on the down-low, however, or your pals may entice you into splurging too much of your newly found gains on festive nights out on the town.

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Scorpio horoscopes for July 2022

Ready for romance?

Whether single or in a relationship, July promises an overload of vibrant passion and sweet sentimental closeness. The 12th and 17th are two of the best date nights of the summer, when solo scorpions could quickly find themselves in a relationship that sticks. Getting out of town for holiday travel can renew romantic feelings for those in a couple, or bring an abundance of exciting potential suitors for those seeking love. As temperatures rise as the season rolls on, so do tempers. Try to keep your controlling instincts in check, or you and your sweetie could be at loggerheads from the 26th. Instead, focus on work during the last 10 days of the month, as an abundance of success is yours for the taking.

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Sagittarius horoscopes for July 2022

Watch out for work-related burnout

Your can-do spirit may make you the go-to person at work, especially when it comes to covering for everyone taking summer holidays. You may be overwhelmed with a large pile-on of tasks during the last 10 days of the month, particularly on the 26th and 28th. Don’t think that scheduling your own vacation travel during this period will grant you a reprieve, as you may be asked to dedicate some of your well-deserved time-off to picking up the slack. If you already have vacation plans, tell your workplace in advance that you are taking a detox from all your devices and won’t be able to be contacted. The first half of the month, however, is brimming with romance and intimacy. The best date night is the 12th, which is also auspicious for online dating. Couples may want to spend steamy private time alone on the 16th and 17th.

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Capricorn horoscopes for July 2022

Pause the power struggles

Disputes and power struggles can flare up with your romantic partner this July, especially on the 18th and 19th, while co-habitating Cappies may encounter contretemps with live-in lovers or roommates on the 8th and 24th. Part of the problem is your deep-rooted desire to be in charge of all things, including the expression of your significant other’s personality. Try accepting them as they are to squash dissent. Finally, fights over money may occur on the 26th. Luckily, things are just the opposite at the office, where harmonious team dynamics and mutual support are a boon to the workplace environment. If you are searching for a new place to live, you may find your dream home on the 23rd or 31st.

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Aquarius horoscopes for July 2022

Don’t push love away

You continue to be in a serious, somber mood this month, but you may be building your own existential prison, brick by brick, by completely shutting out a well-meaning, caring, committed partner who is only trying to lift your mood and understand your problems. When it comes to love, you may have a tendency to swing between emotionally unavailable and erratically enraged. If you gather up the courage to talk to your partner about your problems, they can be a tremendous help and pillar of support to you, with the best days for a heart-to-heart being the 23rd and 31st. Things are bit brighter for singles, with early July offering up a multitude of opportunities for meeting a charming, intellectually engaging partner that hooks you for the long term. Search for new love on the 2nd and 12th for lasting success.

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Pisces horoscopes for July 2022

Lots of love

While things are aces in terms of family and romance, you should try to avoid taking out your pent-up frustrations on colleagues at the end of the month. You are a bit of an emotional pressure cooker building up steam, as your idealist, fairy-tale dreams may not be matching up with the hidden realities of your situation. While you normally put on a harmonious front no matter your feelings, things may momentarily rage out of control at the workplace on the 26th and 28th. If you sense atypical feelings of anger arising within you, take a time out before creating a scene. For the most part, however, July will be filled with tender feelings of closeness and caring. Enjoy loving times with family on the 2nd and 12th, while the 17th is one of the best dates of the year for both singles and couples, when intoxicatingly amorous vibes sweep you to a higher realm.

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