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It’s Time to Slow Things Down: Slow Living is the Lifestyle We Need Right Now

In the early days of the pandemic, life came to a screeching halt. Social events and obligations were cancelled. Hobbies that were collecting dust in a corner were picked up with fervor and there were naps — lots and lots of naps. Things slowed down and time moved more like molasses than quicksand. It took some adjusting, but many people got used to a slower pace where the rush was replaced by routine and ritual.

As life speeds up again, it can feel a bit jarring. While there is a lot to look forward to and be excited about, there is a sense of longing for the days where things were a little slower and gentler. If only there was a way to exist in the current state of the world and live a life with intention and purpose. Enter the idea of slow living.

The slow living movement is rooted in the notion that life can move very fast and that slowing it down can have lots of benefits. Despite what the name intends, this way of life does not eschew technology or modern luxuries. Slow living can include setting routines, spending time in nature and seeing family and friends. It is a turn away from the chaos and hecticness of the world by adopting more thoughtful practices throughout the day and being more conscious of how things are consumed. Slow living encourages people to be happier with what they already have and inspires them to slow down the pace of their life to achieve balance.

Slow living can be practiced in a multitude of ways, big and small. Read on for tips on how to inspire your own slow lifestyle journey.

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