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It Takes Nine Minutes for Your Average Grownup to Text a New Lover, According to Research

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Dating is hard. It inspires overthinking, brings up questions about ourselves and makes us vulnerable as we work to connect with other humans. It turns out, the average adult takes nearly nine minutes to draft a text to their new love interest, according to new research.

A study of 2,000 grownups commissioned by Mike’s Hard Seltzer as the brand launches its new dating advice hotline, is showing us that single Brits especially overthink. From overthinking what to include on a dating profile to what to wear on a date, it seems that small life things can be big triggers for mental activity in the brain.

How we present can also trick us into overthinking traps. According to the poll, 25 per cent of folks studied overthink the impression they’re giving to a romantic interest while 31 per cent of the polled fixate on ‘office banter’ possibly being taken the wrong way. More than half of the participants are concerned with running out of conversation topics out on a date and a third of them will make an effort to wait before drafting replies to new potential lovers so they don’t look over eager. Never forget, six out of 10 folks who participated own they spend too much time thinking about their love lives.

Enter Mike’s Hard Seltzer: their recent study and dating advice hotline launching on Sept. 25. “At Mike’s our moto is ‘Don’t Overthink It,’ so that’s exactly what we’re encouraging the public to do — just be yourselves and go with the flow,” Alexandre Wellens, from Mike’s Hard Seltzer, said in the press release.

Celebs Go Dating‘s Pete Wicks and Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips are set to offer expert advice for the dating advice hotline launching on Friday.

So, Brits sniffing out answers in love will be able to text in questions via WhatsApp and receive direction from Wicks and Phillips. Though this effort is targeting the UK, the WhatsApp number is 07310 756 469.


And if you questioned rules around pooping at your date’s house, it turns out 51 per cent of women are also concerned while only 29 per cent of dudes are. You’re welcome.

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