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I Tried the Amika: Blowout Buffet and Now My Asian Hair Has Volume

amika: blowout buffet product set being held up by a hand in a washroom
Chloe Tse

My natural hair is a gift and a curse. My fine, straight Asian hair demands low maintenance, offers a decent shine on the regular, but is generally “acceptable” at best when I’m in charge of styling my own hair. All I’ve ever wanted for my hair is volume. My round hair follicles make it tough to hold a curl, encouraging a flatness in the look — and the length of this Asian hair does nothing to help this issue.

So, when the Amika: Blowout Buffet entered my life I was immediately curious about the offer of volume this product set made. I photographed the vegan, cruelty-free kit and sent it to my hair-savvy aunt — my go-to hair stylist for any well-photographed event throughout my life. She reviewed the products and suggested they’d work — so, I tried them.

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Asian girl holds up the Amika: Blowout Buffet product set and a photo of what's inside is also in the image

I tried the Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush, Wizard Detangling Primer and Perk Up Dry Shampoo

I didn’t rush to try this immediately because I haven’t used tools in my hair in years. Ever since I retired from my life of debauchery and wild nights, I seldom reach for anything that requires being plugged in to use on my hair. But I was heading out to dinner and doing well with time, so I got excited to shower and try the blowout buffet kit for the first time.

Fresh, with damp hair, I was ready to dress and try the two-in-one blow hair dryer out, but first, I had to mist in the Wizard Detangling Primer and finger through my very long tresses. This product detangled my damp strands, smoothening my locks to touch and there’s something in the Wizard spray that protects your hair against heat up to 450°F. Primed, plugged in and prepared to product test, I sectioned my hair and started to brush my thin Asian hair.

Asian woman tests hair dryer brush

I was pleasantly surprised to find this Amika Blow Dryer Hair Brush actually worked, with welcome volume rising before me on my very own head. It dried evenly, leaving a shine as the brush, radiating heat, dragged its way from my scalp down to my belly, to the side. The product also claims to be good for an oily scalp. The experience was pleasant, not especially labourous and pretty quick and painless (the way I like any kind of beauty routine). I was impressed with the result and felt good about the process.


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Here’s a breakdown on the Amika products that I tried

Overall, this Amika collection comes in recyclable packaging, gave volume and a polished shine to my fine Asian hair and left a sweet scent to linger. Here’s exactly what I tried out on my hair below.

Amika: Blowout Buffet Blow Dryer Brush Set, $130

The set includes the Wizard Detangling Primer, the Hair Blow Dryer Brush and the Perk Up Dry Shampoo. It has everything I needed to give myself a decent blowout.

Amika: Wizard Detangling Primer, $33

This product comes with a spray attachment you can twist into the bottle for the ideal first step to my at-home blowout routine. The Primer detangles hair and offers heat protection ahead of turning on the hair blow dryer brush.

Amika: Hair Blow Dryer Brush, n/a

Plug this tool in and select the strength (I go full throttle to the most intense always) and comb through my hair.

Amika: Perk Up Dry Shampoo, $33

An in-between washes kind of product that helps maintain the salon-level aesthetic for as long as possible.  It smells good and doesn’t leave dust in my dark hair, so I like that.

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