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I Tried Bite Beauty’s Feast Your Eyes Eyeliner and Mascara Duo — Here’s What I Thought

Jessica shows off her samples from Bite Beauty
Jessica Thevarajah

Nowadays, the latest eye trends are inspired by the likes of Euphoria and Ariana Grande — bright, graphic and full of colour. But as much as I love that aesthetic, sometimes it’s nice to bring it back to the basics. Black liquid liner and mascara were among the first products I ever owned and learned how to use. I got the chance to test Bite Beauty’s Feast Your Eyes Mini Mascara and Eyeliner Duo to see if I could create some fun Halloween looks with just the basics.

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Bite Beauty is a clean, vegan and cruelty-free brand. I’ve tried a few of their lip products in the past and was obsessed with their formula and colours. I first got into makeup — like, really got into it — around 2016, the height of contour and block eyebrows. I didn’t care much for where my products were coming from and what was in them at the time; I just wanted the newest and flashiest makeup (bonus points if it was an influencer collab). Fast forward to my mid-20s and I now spend more money on skincare than makeup, and what little makeup I do invest in are my tried-and-true favourites. I typically discover my favourites through word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends. Bite is a brand that hasn’t let me down before so let’s see how they do now as I test out some Halloween looks.

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Bite Beauty Feast Your Eyes Eyeliner and Mini Mascara Duo
Bite Beauty

Feast Your Eyes Eyeliner and Mini Mascara Duo, Bite Beauty, $20.

Feast Your Eyes Liquid Eyeliner: a long-lasting product with eye-popping colour

The liquid eyeliner is in a dip format and although I normally prefer a felt tip pen liner, this was super simple to use. I will say that it’s more work because you have to go in and dip to get more product in between applications, but it’s the same process of having to shake a pen liner. I think one dip would be enough to create a basic wing liner, but for more graphic looks, you’ll need to go in a few times. The fine tip made it very easy to get into the inner corner of the eyes and to outline and create the shapes. The eyeliner also lasted me all day (I went to the grocery store with bat wing liner still intact because it was too pretty to wash off immediately), and the jet black colour is to die for.


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Feast Your Eyes Mini Mascara: it’s all in the brush shape and formula

The mascara was also a win! Some people may not know the intricacies behind finding the right mascara because they pretty much all look the same, but it’s all in that brush shape and formula. This brush looks thick and intimidating when you first see it (at least, that was my initial reaction), but it works! It didn’t clump at all and does an amazing job at separating and lifting the lashes. I had it on all day and it didn’t flake. It also allowed me to get into the inner corners without smudging onto my eyelid.

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Final thoughts

Overall, Bite Beauty’s formula is definitely worth the hype! The liquid liner was easy to use, but I think it would serve better for more of the everyday, basic liner looks. The ease of a pen liner might be better for these more detailed, graphic looks. However, the fine tip and jet black colour are definitely noteworthy. The mascara also hits the mark as it gives that extra lift if you’re the kind of person who avoids eyelash curlers like me. Overall, the formulas were amazing and if investing in products that have good ingredients is a priority to you, Bite Beauty is the way to go!

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