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I Tried Saje’s New 100% Natural Skincare Line — Here’s What I Thought

Tracey Moore holding up Saje skincare products
Tracey Moore

Today’s skincare products are covered with the industry’s latest buzzwords: plant-based, green, natural, clean. Yeah, it all sounds good, but is it accurate and do they actually work? That’s what I want to know. I got the chance to test out Saje’s latest natural skincare line, and I was on a mission to find out. 

Saje isn’t new to natural skincare I’ve tried a couple of their skincare products before and they were a dream. It was like skincare and self-care all bundled in one, and their ingredient lists are so green, the products sound like they could be edible. They take natural skincare seriously, and creating this new line of products was no different. They spent two years assessing more than 300 plant and mineral-based ingredients to create a targeted set of skincare systems for different skin types: normal/combination, sensitive, dry/mature and acne-prone. 

Given that my skin leans more on the normal to dry side, I gave the ‘Glow On’ line a try, which included a cleanser, moisturizer and face oil. When it comes to each product, I know what I’m looking for. Aside from the “good for you” ingredients, I need them to be effective. I’m at a point where I’m starting to take my anti-aging skincare routine seriously, so I need products that I can use consistently that are actually going to keep the aging process at bay. I tried it, and here’s what I thought.

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Saje Glow On Cleanser
SajeGlow On Oil Cleanser$26

Saje’s Glow On Cleanser: gentle, but too gentle for me

I’m a gel cleanser kind of girl, so the slippery, oily texture of this cleanser caught me by surprise. I followed the directions exactly apply to dry skin, add water, massage into the skin and rinse. I usually rush the cleansing part of my skincare routine, trying to get it over with as soon as possible, but this process, combined with the herbal scent, felt like I was giving myself the spa treatment. Even though the texture felt like an oil, the cleanser wasn’t greasy and produced a soft, light lather. It was super gentle, but for someone like me who trusts my cleanser to scrape off the last bits of my makeup, I’d rather have a formula that’s a little richer and more purifying. I’m thinking the Saje’s True Dew Cleanser would be the better choice for me.

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Glow On Moisturizer
SajeGlow On Moisturizer$40

Saje’s Glow On Moisturizer: a rich, non-greasy cream that quenched my dry skin

The last plant-based moisturizer I tried was disappointing. I kept having to re-apply because the moisture just wasn’t enough for my dry skin, and I couldn’t help but blame it on the ingredients. So, when Saje’s all-natural Glow On Moisturizer actually worked the first time, I was thrilled. I could tell by the creamy texture alone that it was promising, and when I applied it, I could feel the comforting layer of moisture. It was hours later, and there was absolutely no need to re-apply. It’s been so long since I’ve had a moisturizer that works, that I’m genuinely excited about this. And plant-based, too? Woo hoo!

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Saje Glow On Face Oil
SajeGlow On Face Oil$44

Saje’s Glow On Face Oil: a soothing formula that locks in moisture

A few drops of this face oil and my skin was singing Hallelujah! My dry skin was visibly quenched with the light sheen the oil left across my face. It’s probably not the sexiest look to go to bed with, but it didn’t bother me at all. But, I’m never fooled by instant results to satisfy me, a face oil needs to offer long-lasting moisture. After a few hours without having to re-apply a moisturizer, I had given this product a mental thumbs-up. I also like to treat myself to gua sha before bed sometimes, so I noted that this face oil would be fantastic for nighttime face yoga

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Final thoughts

Overall, Saje’s latest in natural skincare hits the mark, and I was impressed by the effectiveness given the natural ingredients. The cleanser was the one product that I thought didn’t work for my needs, but luckily the brand offers a wide range of products that cover off what I’m looking for. I’ll always be impressed by the aromatic treat that Saje’s products offer it’s like bringing the spa home, and I absolutely love that. So, I’ll be finishing these bottles and going back for more.


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