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I Tried It: Preloved X Nicole Servinis’ Sustainable Active Wear Collab Revamped My Gym Attire

NS X Preloved Collection
NS X Preloved

Eco-friendly Toronto-based clothing company Preloved recently collaborated with television host Nicole Servinis on an active wear collection and, as an avid cyclist, I just had to get my hands on it and give it a try.

Servinis, well-known in the Toronto television, fashion and lifestyle scene, has a passion for all things fashion, fitness and local – so this collaboration was a match made in heaven.

Founded by Julia Grieve, Preloved has long been ahead of its time, making clothing out of repurposed fabrics since they launched in 1995, as Fleet Street Mag reports. Since then, Preloved has sold their stunning (and sustainable) clothing in major stores like Roots and Urban Outfitters. Now, Preloved is once again setting the tone for eco-friendly fashion with their new athletic wear capsule: Preloved X Nicole Servinis collection (or NS X Preloved for short).

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Nicole Servinis in the purple short and bra set
NS X Preloved

About the Preloved X Nicole Servinis collection

Ultimately, the Preloved X Nicole Servinis collection is all about supporting local.

“I’ve been a big fan of Nicole’s for a long time,” Grieve tells Streets of Toronto. “And the big thing that attracted me to her is that the majority of her career has been based around Toronto and around local brand and initiatives.”

The eight-piece collection features a whole slew of activewear and athleisure staples, ranging from cropped hoodies to bike shorts to sports bras, available in colours like black, brown and purple. What stands out about all of their clothing is that each piece features a small red heart – the iconic Preloved signature.

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My experience with the NS X Preloved collection

I got to try out two pieces from NS X Preloved, and after looking through the entire collection, I couldn’t resist the Barbell Cropped Hoodie and the Pump Up Shorts in black.

As someone who likes to dress more androgynous, the collection had the perfect selection for me, with some pieces leaning toward the more feminine side while others had a baggier athleisure style.


A pile of brown paper packages and twine
Getty Images

When the clothes arrived on my doorstep, they came wrapped in brown paper and twine and I opened it up to discover the softest athletic wear I’ve ever felt in my life. The set fit like a glove, with the shorts featuring a drawstring to ensure the perfect fit and the cropped hoodie falling to the perfect height above the waist.

Not only was it the fit of my dreams, but the cropped hoodie and shorts were so cute that, athletic wear aside, I’ll be wearing it out all spring and summer long. Plus, the material was soft and breathable, maintaining a smooth texture while still thin enough to work out in, so I thought it would be perfect to try it out at the gym.

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NS X Preloved

Barbell Cropped Hoodie in Black, NS X Preloved, $99.

Trying out NS X Preloved at the gym

It was time to put my Preloved X Nicole Servinis pieces to the test. I woke up early on Sunday morning, donned my adorable new set and headed out to a yoga class. It’s just a brief walk in the cold, but wearing the sweater beneath my jacket and the shorts beneath my sweatpants really kept me warm amidst the brisk Toronto winter.

The set definitely had me feeling much cuter than I usually do at the gym, with the stitched heart (also made out of repurposed fabrics) adding a sweet touch to the all-black look.

When I reached the gym, my body was still cold from outside and the sweater kept me warm enough, but the breathable fabric kept me cool as my body temperature rose throughout the class. The loose-fitting shorts were also perfectly breathable, allowing me to cool down as the workout heated up.


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Pump Up Shorts in Black
NS X Preloved

Pump Up Shorts in Black, NS X Preloved, $59.

Would I recommend the Preloved X Nicole Servinis collection?

Definitely! All-in-all, the versatile outfit kept me feeling comfortable throughout my flow-based class, which had me constantly weaving in and out of complicated positions. The loose, breathable fabric was flexible and moved with my body, making it the perfect set for a yoga class and I can tell it would be ideal for a bike in the spring.

I’ll definitely be returning to this set week after week as I head to my Sunday yoga class, and as the weather warms up, I think this will be my go-to casual cycling wear.

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