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I Tried Avocado Oil as an Overnight Hair Treatment and This is What Happened

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When it comes to reviving my tired curls, I’ve tried almost every treatment out there. Shea Moisture, Olaplex, Mixed Chicks — the list goes on. Has anything wow’d me? Not really. But is it possible that the treatment I’m looking for isn’t on store shelves, but actually in my kitchen cabinet? I took avocado oil to my bathroom and I was determined to find out.

Woman with big curly hair
Tracey Moore

Why would anyone use avocado oil in their hair?

Because they have dry, damaged hair like mine. Seriously though, avocados are considered a superfood because they’re packed with omega-rich oils and antioxidants. The monosaturated fatty acids help to seal in moisture while other nutrients protect from UV damage and pollutants that have a part in making hair look dry and brittle. If you’re looking to have longer, stronger, shinier, hair while giving some love to your scalp, this may be the treatment for you.

Avocado oil can be used on all hair types because it doesn’t sit on top or clog your strands like olive or coconut oil. It’s lightweight, but can penetrate the hair and scalp, making it a solid option for thinner hair types prone to being weighed down by oils.

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Woman with big curly hair holding a bottle of avocado oil
Tracey Moore

How do you use avocado oil as a hair treatment?

There are so many hair treatment recipes that involve avocado oil, but I decided to just use it by itself, which is effective as well. I sectioned my hair and poured a few drops into the palms of my hands, and raked the oil through. I have high-porosity hair, meaning oils and other products are absorbed quickly, so I wasn’t afraid of using too much. I repeated the process until every strand was covered and finished with a scalp massage to work the product into my scalp and encourage hair growth. To keep from having oil-soaked sheets, I put my hair in a shower cap before going to bed. In the morning, I washed it all out with my Monday Haircare shampoo and conditioner.

Woman with wet curly hair wearing a pink bath robe
Tracey Moore


Does avocado oil work as a hair treatment?

My 3C hair loved this oil while I was applying it. It glided through my strands and I instantly see feel how moisturizing it was. I kept asking myself, why haven’t I thought of this? By morning, my hair had mostly absorbed the oil because I could only feel a bit of it when I ran my hands through it. Was there a huge difference when I washed everything out? I can’t say there was. But my hair is always dry after washing. I actually avoid washing as much as possible for this reason. Thinking back to how good it looked and felt in my hair pre-wash, I can’t help but regret washing it out in the first place. Final thoughts: next time, I’ll use it as a leave-in conditioner and skip the shampoo.

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