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We Tried Some MONDAY Haircare Products and Here’s How it Made Our Hair Feel

While one of the perks of the pandemic has been less maintenance in our beauty routines (read: lots of makeup free days), there’s nothing like a good wash of the hair to help you feel refreshed. Not only does it give you a bounce in your step, but also your hair. MONDAY Haircare is an affordable, yet luxurious line of haircare products. A big part of the company’s ethos is sustainability with their packaging and product design. Their signature pink bottles are made with recycled plastics with zero sticky labels to further sustainable packaging. MONDAY’s products are also PETA approved.

We got the chance to try out some of MONDAY’s hair products. As Lizzo once sang, we did our hair toss, checked our nails, but baby how we feelin’? Did we feel good as hell? We tell you how we really felt after testing out some products.

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