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Get Chrissy Teigen’s Glow With This Simple Acne Product

Chrissy Teigen in an orange dress
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There is nothing more frustrating then when your skin gets angry and decides to break out. Whether you’re on your period and have hormonal acne, or you’ve been super anxious and noticed some stress pimples crop up, acne can deal a nasty blow to your confidence.

Although celebs look glam most of the time, when it comes to acne even a star like Chrissy Teigen has to battle with the unexpected pimple from time to time. The star got candid on her Instagram recently, sharing the simple product she uses to get rid of angry zits.

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It turns out, Teigen is a fan of KILLA’s ZitSticka patches. The clear patches have microdarts attached to them that target pimples under the skin to stop them in their tracks.

Zit patches
ZitStickaKILLA Kit$40

The patches have hydrocolloid layers to absorb any gunk from your skin and promote healing. The middle part of the patch has 24 microdarts that deposit ingredients like salicylic acid and niacinamide into your skin to stop the zit from fully forming.

The kit comes with four microdart KILLA patches and four priming CLEANA swabs to prep the irritated pimple before you apply a patch.

Several reviews from shoppers say that the patches are effective particularly on hormonal acne, so if you feel a flare-up happening, you can thank Chrissy Teigen for helping you out.

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