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7 Pressure Points to Help With Headaches, Digestion and Period Cramps

You know the feeling. It makes you want to double over and basically quit on your day. It’s that time of the month. Aunt Flow’s in town. You’re on your rag. It’s your period. Call it what you will, but menstruation brings with it a slew of painful symptoms — from pesky to downright unbearable. Headaches. Nausea. And yes, cramps.

Well, the good news is you don’t have to feel helpless. Believers and practitioners of reflexology know it as a strand of Eastern medicine, where pressing down on certain pressure points on the body can not only improve health but can relieve pain and restore balance to the body. These points are used in acupuncture, but you don’t have to turn to needles to experience some of the benefits. Here are some common methods that may help alleviate common period symptoms.

DISCLAIMER: This advice is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Always seek medical advice that is specific to you and your situation.

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