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Dreaming of Travelling to Europe Solo This Summer? These 5 Tips May Help

Rita stands near a river in Amsterdam

Do you feel like you’re ready to stretch your legs, dust off your passport and explore Europe this summer — but don’t have anyone to travel with? You may have just as much — if not more — fun if you embark on a solo trip.

While there are plenty of factors to consider when travelling solo (remember: safety first), there is also so much to see and experience. Not sure where to start? As showcased on Slice’s TikTok channel, creator Rita (AKA @riclareau) recently went on her first solo Europe trip — and she shared five useful tips and lessons that she learned.

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Tip #1: Consider hostels

If you’re looking to stretch your travel funds further while travelling solo in Europe, you may want to explore accommodation options beyond traditional hotels or short-term vacation rentals — like hostels. In many European cities, hostels are more common than they are in Canada, and they can be much cheaper than hotels.

While it’s important to do some research for the safety and setup of any particular place (some hostels offer private or semi-private rooms, for example, while others have more people sharing a room), hostels can be, as Rita says, “cheap and perfect to meet friends from all over the world.”

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Tip #2: Book a flight that lands in the morning

If you’re looking at flights with similar prices, but one lands at night and the other gets in closer to the AM, go for the morning flights. Why? When you’re travelling solo, getting around in an unfamiliar city can be stressful. And, as Rita explains, “it’s so much easier to navigate the city when it’s light out.”

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Tip #3: Ask for free water from Starbucks

Staying hydrated is pretty important if you want to feel your best and enjoy your trip, but “if you’ve been to Europe, you know that water is expensive,” Rita says. Rita’s tip? “Just go to a Starbucks and ask for a free cup of water on your way.”

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Tip #4: Always carry cash

While it may seem easier to just pay for everything with credit or debit cards while you’re travelling, Rita recommends having a little cash on hand, as some places (think: souvenir stores and street vendors selling delicious treats) will not accept credit.

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Tip #5: Make spontaneous (and safe) decisions

With the above tips in mind, Rita emphasizes the power of making some in-the-moment (though always conscious and safe) decisions while travelling. “I learned that best experiences are sometimes unplanned,” Rita says. “It’s always good to have an itinerary, but spontaneous and safe decisions always made my trip 10 times better.”

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