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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Brings Tears, Wild Nights, and Intense Health Scares

Courtney Veale

The Below Deck Mediterranean crew sets off another adventure June 28th this time aboard the 180-foot mega yacht “Lady Michelle,” ready to set sail for Šibenik, the Adriatic Sea’s oldest native Croatian seaside town. For the first time in the franchise, the crew will face a serious crisis before they even get to sea, leaving questions about whether the season can even continue. When they finally do open charter, one of the department head’s management style will rub the crew the wrong way, disrupting the dynamic of the team. Between roommate wars and health scares, the crew will have to deal with back-to-back demanding charter groups while rising to the expectation of seven-star service. High stress leads to late night unwinding which means hookups and one explosive argument that leaves the crew divided.

Captain Sandy from Below Deck Mediterranean - Season 6

What to expect in Below Deck Mediterranean season 6

Though the team is new, Captain Sandy is back to mentor her new department heads in hopes of a successful journey. Also returning is Malia White, who’s excited to manage a new gang of deckhands now that she has more experience. She’s newly single and ready to have a good time with her new team, but a mistake with one of her deckhands is all it takes for trouble to ensue.

Joining the crew with over six years of super yacht experience, Chief Stew Katie Flood will bring her unconventional attitude, detail-oriented nature and intense work ethic to Lady Michelle. Her belief in equal opportunities is not something that goes over well with her crewmates, and when she clashes with one of them, a tough decision will have to be made. 

Chef Mathew Shea is used to serving the top one-percenters of the world, but after a complete fail at the first dinner, Shea will have to scramble to gain the respect of the guests and his fellow yachties. 

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Lexi Wilson is a former Miss Bahamas, bringing her own style to the interior side. She’s not afraid to be at odds with the others, and when tensions rise, she finds herself in a strange place with the group.

Courtney Veale comes to the crew from North Wales, taking with her her sunny disposition and willingness to learn. When given more opportunity with the guests, she ends up surprising herself. When things get wild with the rest of the group, she’s stunned to find out that she doesn’t remember the biggest moment of the night.

David Pascoe plays with fire and gets burned when a few yachties catch his eye, while Lloyd Spencer is determined to prove himself but ends up wondering if he made the right career choice. Mzi “Zee” Dempers is following in his yachtie brother’s footsteps, but will face challenges with this yacht’s high demands and going after a certain someone’s heart.

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Watch the crew’s wild antics when season 6 premieres, June 28th at 9PM. Catch up through STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels, or with the new Global TV app, live and on-demand.

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