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Lisa Vanderpump Makes her TV Comeback in ‘Vanderpump Dogs’

Lisa Vanderpump with dog

Something’s missing from your life, but you’re not sure what. It has nothing to do with your non-existent social life or the fact that you’ve been single for more than a year. Deep down, you know — it’s Lisa Vanderpump.

First, she left The Real Housewives, then Vanderpump Rules went on that unbearably long hiatus. At this point, you’ll take her on your screen any way you can. Go ahead and pour yourself a celebratory glass of rosé because she’s making her TV comeback in yet another spinoff — Vanderpump Dogs —premiering June 16.

What you can expect in Vanderpump Dogs season 1

Lisa Vanderpump’s new show will pull back the curtain on the incredible work she’s been doing for years, pairing rescued dogs with loving homes. “We created this rescue centre, and with our incredible team, we have found homes for more than 2,000 dogs,” Lisa says in the trailer.

And just like dating, to make the perfect match, there needs to be a bit of a spark. “It’s like a dating process. You want to have a little foreplay before you go all the way,” Lisa explains. “This isn’t a one-night stand. This is a lifelong relationship.”

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Lisa Vanderpump smiling with dog at Vanderpump Dogs

Lisa doesn’t do her matchmaking alone — she’ll get help from her crew: Dr. Andrew Y. Kushnir, Summer Loftis, Brian Marshall, Patrick Miller-Wren, Madeline Quint, and Kendall Young on the series.

We know what you’re thinking… will there be drama among her employees like in Vanderpump Rules? If you caught ‘Puppygate’ in season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we’d bet the answer is yes, but you’ll have to watch to find out.

Here’s what we can guarantee. The series’ press release says, “Each episode will follow the characters who come to the foundation to adopt their forever friend, the committed (and gorgeous) employees, the adorable pups, and Lisa Vanderpump herself all with a dose of comedy, a dash of drama, and a whole lot of heart.”


We can’t wait!

Watch Lisa Vanderpump make adorable doggie love matches when Vanderpump Dogs premieres June 16th at 10PM. Catch LVP in past seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules on STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels, or with the new Global TV app, live and on-demand.

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