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9 Beauty Trends We’re Happy Entered Our Lives

a young Black woman by the ocean, flashing two peace signs

In the past year, the beauty industry has been in limbo. When the pandemic hit, many of us were working from home, attending Zoom meetings and doing what we could to tend to our physical appearances as our homes quickly became beauty salons. Some of us embraced our natural appearance and tried products with a clean, diverse approach to beauty. As restrictions started to lift, some of us leaned into bold beauty trends that helped us remember what beauty is all about — having fun and embracing your true self.

This juxtaposition is what is currently making up the beauty industry — from natural eyebrows to coloured eyeliner, we’re here for it all. The variety in trends is representative of the year we’ve had, and the conflicted feelings we’ve had towards our hair, beauty and skincare routines is normal — even as the world slowly reopens. Beauty trends come and go, but here are nine trends we hope to keep in our lives forever.

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a young white woman with a towel on her head, applying lip gloss while looking in the mirror

Clean, all-natural ingredients

This trend certainly isn’t going anywhere as we continue to solidify our beauty routines. As we become more aware of the benefits of using natural products on our skin, many brands have started transitioning into more consciously-made products or emerged with a heavier emphasis on cleaner ingredients. The definitions of beauty terms like “clean” and “natural” can be blurry, but looking for products that aren’t tested on animals, are free from chemicals and use ingredients that are naturally-derived and don’t harm the environment are good places to start. Brands like Youth to the People and Cocokind are transparent about their product formulation, ingredients and have clear brand ethics.

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a young Black woman with her hand cupping her cheek

Care for your scalp

Good hair comes from the root of your routine. Scalp care has become increasingly popular to ensure a healthy hair base — the same care you give to your skin should be applied to your hair! The top of the head can gather the most dandruff, debris and dirt throughout the day and it’s important to be aware of the type of scalp you have. If you suffer from dry scalp, keep it hydrated with oils and serums. If you have an oily scalp, a scrub or exfoliant will help to remove any buildup. No matter your scalp variant, maintaining your scalp and its health will affect how you care for the rest of your locks.

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a closeup of a while woman's eyes and eyebrows

Natural eyebrows

Remember when thick, full eyebrows were all the rage? As a proud owner of bushy brows, I’m still a fan of this, but the trend has now transitioned into owning your natural eyebrow shape — thin or thick, sparse or full. Embracing your natural eyebrows can give your face a softer, more youthful look. If you choose to lightly fill them in, use a lighter shade than your actual eyebrow to make them appear more natural and less defined. If you choose to bare it all, a simple eyebrow gel can emphasize your brow’s natural look, lift the eyebrow hairs and keep them in place all day.

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a young Black woman by the ocean, flashing two peace signs

Dewy skin for days

Gone are the days of matte faces. With many of us embracing the natural, minimal makeup look, it makes sense that we’d want to emphasize the natural glow of our skin, or even amplify it. Having dewy skin is a sign of having well-moisturized skin. To achieve the look, avoid products that strip the skin of moisture — using a hydrating serum or a rich moisturizer can help to lock everything in and maintain our natural glow. For makeup, including cream products in your routine can enhance the dewy, effortless look and ensure your face looks plump and healthy.


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a young woman wearing a towel on her head, rubbing cream on her face

Double cleansing

Prioritize a squeaky clean face. If you’ve had a long workday or you’ve been running errands all day, your skin needs a full cleanse at night. Double cleansing can ensure you’re getting into your pores and removing all the gunk from your skin. Here’s how it works: the first cleanse can include a cleansing oil or balm to break down any makeup or SPF — this cleanse removes surface-level dirt. The second step is a water-based cleanse with your standard cleanser — this cleanse gets deeper into the pores. It’s an extra step in your skincare routine, but your skin will be grateful.

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Hunter Schafer at a red carpet event
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Pops of colour

The Euphoria effect is still in effect. After the popularity of the HBO show’s iconic makeup moments (as seen on star Hunter Schafer, above), we’ve been hooked on having a colourful eye. While it seems counterintuitive to the natural makeup trend, sporting a bold eye is a lively contrast — you can do both! Whether it’s a bright blue eyeliner or a pastel lilac eyeshadow, experimenting with colour is a fun way to express ourselves. There’s no right or wrong way to achieve a look, which makes the process feel especially empowering — you can keep it simple with one colour, add glitter or even mismatch colours — whatever makes you feel confident.

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inverted French tips on nails modeled against a pink background

Fun French tips

The French manicure has been turned upside down — both literally and figuratively. Between busy work schedules and minimal time for leisure, having fun with your nails is a new way to boost your creativity. From inversed lines and coloured tips to unique nail decals, the once jarring beauty moment of the early 2000s has come back in a modern way and maintained its relevancy.

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a young Asian woman looking down at the camera

Easy miracle skincare ingredients

We believe in miracles. They’ve been around for a while, but natural ingredients like niacinamide and vitamin C have taken over the skincare scene are known to transform your skin. If you’re suffering from skin irritation or blemishes, niacinamide can help to calm down the skin. If your skin is feeling dull, a vitamin C serum can firm up the face and also reduce any scarring. What makes certain ingredients appealing is in their purest forms, they’re easy to track down at affordable prices from places such as The Ordinary. These concentrated formulas can take up to a few weeks for you to notice the effects on your skin, but the results are well worth the wait.

a diverse group of girlfriends laughing together in bathing suits on the beach

Increased inclusivity and diversity

From vast product shade ranges to featuring diverse creators on their feeds, there’s been a distinct rise in amplifying BIPOC voices in the beauty space over the last year — and rightfully so. Major brands like Fenty Beauty (co-owned by Rihanna) carry 50 shades of their matte foundation, while smaller BIPOC and women-owned brands like Topicals and Blume are gaining traction. The time is now to support people-of-colour in the beauty space.

Last month, Sephora Canada joined the 15 Percent Pledge and is dedicating 25 per cent of its space to selling products from BIPOC-owned beauty brands by 2026. While it’s a step in the right direction, inclusivity and diversity shouldn’t be a trend. We’re hoping it becomes a fundamental element of the beauty industry for years to come.


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