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20 Adorable Baby Names Inspired by Nature

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From watching the sunrise on the dock of your family cottage or hiking through your local hometown trail, some of life’s best everyday moments happen in nature. Spending time in the great outdoors is often a no-fail way to feel more relaxed, happy and peaceful. For this reason, and more, so many parents are choosing to give their babies nature-inspired names. Without further ado, here are our favourite names inspired by Mother Earth.

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Nature-inspired baby boy names:

Clay (Origin: English)

This baby boy name means “boundary with clover” and has English origins. It’s derived from the name “Clayton.” 

Rowan (Origin: Scottish) 

Rowan trees produce bright red berries, which might be why this name means “rowan tree” and “red-head.”  

Jasper (Origin: Persian) 

Jasper is a type of gemstone and is also the name of a famous alpine town in Alberta that’s home to the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. Jasper has Persian origins and means “treasurer.” 

Orion (Origin: Greek) 

Are you looking for a strong, nature-inspired baby name for your son? Orion is a prominent constellation and is also the name of a Greek god. 

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Rio (Origin: Spanish) 

This three-letter boy’s name has Spanish origins and translates to “river.” 

Hudson (Origin: English) 

Name your baby boy after New York City’s famous river, which means “Hugh’s son” or “son of Hud.” 

Cliff (Origin: English)

For something a little more old-school, this classic English baby boy name means “cliffside slope” and is derived from the name Clifford. 

Joshua (Origin: Hebrew) 

As well as being the name of a popular California national park, Joshua is a traditional Hebrew name meaning “God is deliverance.” 


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Wilder (Origin: English)

Wilder (or Wylder) means “wild and untamed” and is a nature-inspired baby boy name that’s trendy, but not yet too popular if you’re looking for something unique.

Asher (Origin: English) 

Give your baby boy a name that means “fortunate, blessed, happy one.” Asher is a popular nature-inspired name with Hebrew origins. 

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Baby girl names inspired by the great outdoors:

Savannah (Origin: Spanish)  

This ultra-feminine baby girl name has Spanish origins and translates to “treeless plain.”  

Talia (Origin: Hebrew)  

Talia is a nature-inspired girl name that means “gentle rain” and has Hebrew roots. 

Oakley (Origin: English) 

Oakley is a trendy baby girl name with English origins that means “meadow of oak trees.” 

Wren (Origin: English)

Wrens are a species of small songbirds, and this nature-inspired name with English origins literally means “small bird.”

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Juniper (Origin: Latin)

Juniper means “young” in Latin. It’s also the name of a small evergreen shrub. 

Skye (Origin: Scottish) 

This nature-inspired girl’s name comes from a famous island in the Scottish Highlands called the Isle of Skye. 

Ivy (Origin: English) 

This two-syllable girl’s name has English and Latin origins and means “vine.” Beyonce and Jay-Z famously named their first child Blue Ivy in 2012.

Marigold (Origin: English) 

Looking for a floral name for your little girl? Marigolds are bright yellow flowers, and this name actually translates to “golden flower.” 

Kamala (Origin: Hindi )

The United States’ first female vice-president, Kamala, has a Hindi name that means “lotus flower.” 

Isla (Origin: Scottish)


This baby girl name has Scottish origin and means “island.”   

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