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We Tried an Affordable Amazon Dupe for the SKIMS Bodysuit

A model wearing a black shapewear bodysuit and jeans

We can all use a little support every now and then — whether that means honest advice from a friend or a piece of clothing that helps you feel your most comfortable and confident. With our latest round of Worth the Hype, we’re giving you both: our staff tried an affordable Amazon alternative for the famous SKIMS bodysuit to help you compare, contrast and decide which shapewear direction is right for you, your holiday fashion goals and your budget.

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First let’s begin with what started this project: the best-selling SKIMS bodysuit — and the Amazon dupe that’s about a third of the price.

What is the famous SKIMS bodysuit called?

While there’s a good chance that you already know exactly what we mean when we say, “the famous SKIMS bodysuit,” let’s be clear: we’re talking about the SKIMS Sculpting Bodysuit (SKIMS, $104). 

Priced at over $100 in Canada, the SKIMS suit is not cheap — especially for a piece of clothing that is designed to be worn under your clothing. Still, devotees sing the bodysuit’s praises for its seamless comfort (despite being shapewear, which is often restrictive), it’s silhouette-enhancing properties (according to the SKIMS website, the bodysuit “holds in your core, shapes and lifts your butt, and provides support for your chest”) and its versatility as both shapewear or straight-up clothes (Khloé Kardashian, for example, wore her black SKIMS bodysuit with a leather mini skirt and made it a look earlier this month).

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Is there really a SKIMS dupe on Amazon?

While the SKIMS bodysuit sounds like a great shapewear option (especially as we prepare to don our best holiday looks), we wanted to know if we could get similar benefits at a more affordable price point. Enter: the Ursexyly Women Seamless Bodysuit (Amazon, $32), which we spied on TikTok — and which has racked up 45 per cent five-star ratings on the site.

What are the Amazon bodysuit’s key features? Like the SKIMS bodysuit, the Amazon shapewear features a one-piece design with a nylon/spandex blend for stretch. While the SKIMS bodysuit features a row of snap closures at the bottom, the Amazon bodysuit features three rows of hooks (which allows for adjustability to fit different torso lengths). The Amazon shapewear also features cups at the bust.


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With all this in mind, how did we like the Amazon bodysuit? Four of our Slice staff members gave it a try.

We tried an affordable Amazon SKIMS dupe — here’s what we thought:

A woman wearing a black shapewear bodysuit
Tracey Moore

Tracey is a shapewear newbie who loves the smoothing effect

“I’m completely new to the idea of shapewear. I’ve always thought of it as a fashion hack that celebrities wore under their fancy evening gowns, but not something for the average person. But, in the age of SKIMs and social media, I was tempted to see how an undergarment could elevate my look. 

“The first thing I noticed when trying this Amazon bodysuit was that it was a bit of a struggle to get on, but I’m not sure if that’s the point. It kind of makes sense that it would need to be tight to snatch my curves. Still, I think I would size up from a medium to a large. 

The biggest differences could be seen in my chest and waist, but it was hard to see it in the dress I wore on top, because it was slightly loose. I would definitely wear this on a night out under a tighter dress. It would completely smooth out and lumps in my clothing and give me the shape I’m working for in the gym!” – Tracey M., Digital Content Strategist, Slice 

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A woman wearing a black shapewear bodysuit and jeans
Mali Raja

Mali loves the adjustability — and the affordability

“I had mixed feelings about how this shapewear would look — I’ve seen people try on the real SKIMS one, and it really snatches them in, no matter the body type — so while I had high hopes for this Amazon bodysuit (that all the TikTok girlies swear is a solid, affordable dupe) I already knew it wouldn’t be the exact same. 

“That being said, this is a really great option for anyone who isn’t looking to shell out the money for a SKIMS! The Amazon dupe is made out of the same materials as the SKIMS Sculpting Bodysuit (Nylon and Spandex with nearly the exact amount of each), so I imagine it feels quite similar. The difference in performance likely comes from the size of the bodysuit: the Amazon shapewear is wider and looks structured, like a regular bodysuit, whereas the SKIMS one looks pretty tiny when it’s not on. 

“I love that there are multiple snap hooks at the bottom, adjustable straps and it’s fairly seamless so there’s no lines showing through your clothes. I’m a size XS/26, but the smallest option was a small, so the one thing I’d change is being able to have an even smaller option to really know that everything is being ‘held in.’ Even though it’s not the exact same thing, overall, this was a great Amazon purchase, really helping to smoothen out everything, especially in fitted outfits.” Mali R., Content Creator, Slice 

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A woman wearing a black dress with shapewear underneath
Ria Ankrah


Ria tried Amazon shapewear under SKIMS — and suggests sizing up

“I decided to get a size medium in the dupe because I have a long torso and broad shoulders, and I’m so glad I did! It fits really well and snatches my waist, while not being too tight. I usually get a size S/M and recommend getting a size bigger if you’d like extra room. 

“The first thing that caught my eye about this dupe was the fabric: it’s a bit thicker than the actual SKIMS shapewear and is lightweight when worn. I tried it on with my SKIMS lounge dress and really like how it complements my figure without me feeling too exposed.” Ria A., Community Manager, Slice & W Network

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A woman wearing a black shapewear bodysuit and jeans
Sharon Miki

Sharon is a SKIMS stan — but likes the Amazon price

“I’ll admit it: I was super skeptical about the possibility of a dupe because I’m on the SKIMS bandwagon. I purchased the SKIMS Sculpting Bodysuit to wear with a fitted dress for a wedding in the spring, and I instantly fell in love with its comfort and confidence-boosting shaping — especially when compared to some other ultra-restrictive shapewear options that I’ve tried over the years.

“While I do still prefer the SKIMS bodysuit, the Amazon bodysuit was leagues ahead of those other can’t-breathe shapewear pieces that I’ve owned in the past — and the price point is much more reasonable. While it’s not as stretchy as the SKIMS, I loved that the Amazon bodysuit offered the multiple rows of hooks at the bottom (this was a big help for accommodating my long torso, and I feel it’s easier to put back on than snaps). I also really liked the look that the cups gave to my bust.

“When it comes to sizing, I think that I would size down in the Amazon bodysuit for more of a sculpting effect (I have an apple shape with a thicker midsection and a proportionally smaller chest and hips, so found the large to be loose in certain areas — I think a size down would fit my chest better while supporting and shaping my waist).” Sharon M., Editor, Slice


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