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10 Adorable Dog Breeds You’ve Seen on ‘Vanderpump Dogs’

Lisa Vanderpump with small dog

Vanderpump Dogs has stolen our hearts with stories of rescued dogs finding new homes at Lisa Vanderpump’s dog rescue haven. Every episode of tear-jerking cuteness features puppies and older dogs on their quest to find their forever homes. 

Lisa Vanderpump, who is widely known as an animal lover and activist, interviews hopeful dog owners and has them meet some potential fur babies. Over the course of the season, we’ve gotten to meet many sweet, energetic, loving dog breeds and personalities. Naturally, it’s difficult to know what breeds some dogs are without genetic sequencing, but these are our best guesses. Let’s look over some of the adorable dog breeds we’ve seen on Vanderpump Dogs.


Vanderpump Dogs pug and dog groomer


It’s doubtful that you’ve ever met a pug you didn’t fall in love with, and that stands true of the pugs featured on Vanderpump Dogs. Pugs are attentive, quick learners, and are charming by nature, often making them social butterflies. And, it’s true that they will break your damn heart every time you look into their eyes. Pugs are often very affectionate companions. 

Vanderpump Dogs dog groomers with small dog

Terrier Mixes

Terrier mixes are the most common on the show. Since many of the dogs have been saved from difficult circumstances, it’s not always known what the terrier is mixed with. Still, it’s always clear when a dog has a terrier background. Terriers are typically small to medium sized dogs with higher levels of energy, and are known for being very loyal loving companions. 

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Chihuahua dog frolicking
Getty Images

Chihuahua and Chihuahua Mixes

Another breed we see a lot of on the show are chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes. Sadly, chihuahuas are one of the most common breeds to end up at shelters. Because of their small size and popularity, many owners initially get a chihuahua without realizing the responsibility of the dog. When they’re loved and taken care of properly, they’re very easy to fall in love with, as they are affectionate, sweet and calm. 



Vanderpump Dogs German Shepherd and dog groomer

German Shepherds

The first German Shepherd we met on the show was Apollo the service dog. German shepherds are extremely loyal and courageous, making them protective companions. Because of their loyal nature they are commonly used as service dogs. German shepherds are known for being super loving and cuddly, but as natural herders, they also require a lot of exercise. 

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Vanderpump Dogs Pomeranian with dog groomer

Pomeranians and Pomeranian Mixes

Famously a Pomeranian rescue, Vanderpump’s own dog, Giggy was who inspired Vanderpump Dogs. This season, we met another infamous Pomeranian rescue, Andy, who requires extra tenderness. After being abandoned yet again, Andy ends up finding his forever home with one of the staff members. Pomeranians are very smart, curious, and feisty companions. They’re known as being loving lap dogs who seek to stick close and near to their owners. 

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Maltipoo dog chilin'
Getty Images


A maltese and poodle mix results in a maltipoo, another common breed featured on the show. Maltipoos are known for being very gentle and affectionate, making them very family friendly. They’re extremely loving companions, and for that reason they also make great therapy dogs. These cuddle monsters are also quite active, and love to be playful. 



White Lhasa Apso dog portrait
Getty Images

Lhasa Apsos

These furry babies are most commonly known for their beautiful long hair. They’re more docile than some other breeds, making them great companions for people who spend more time indoors. Lhasa Apsos are affectionate, but also like their boundaries respected, respectfully. These dogs are also known for living long lives, often going into their late teens. 


Labrador Retreiver Puppy
Getty Images

Labrador Retrievers

There are a few different labradors and lab mixes featured on the show, including a rescued service dog and an energetic labradoodle that found his perfect family. Labradors make for very loyal and loving companions, making great service and emotional support pets. They’re active and love water, and are highly intelligent and obedient. 

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Cattle Dog with Lisa Vanderpump

Cattle Dog Mixes

One of the first dogs featured on the show is a cattle dog mix. Cattle mixes are typically medium to large sized and love to run around, while still being relaxed and affectionate. They are also great companions on hikes and camping adventures. 

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Two Frenchie puppies being pals
Getty Images


Another popular dog featured on the show are Frenchies. French Bulldogs are a popular breed, and like any other popular breed they also face more abandonment. This is as a result of impulse buying by people who don’t recognize the real responsibility of a dog owner. Frenchies have irresistibly loving faces and are super affectionate. They’re also very playful, and love to get in some good exercise. 

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