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A 78-year-old Canadian Harry Styles Fan Presented the Grammy for Album of the Year

Harry Styles fist bumping Reina
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There were a lot of firsts and iconic moments that happened at the 2023 Grammy Awards last night, but one particular moment stood out. A 78-year-old Canadian super fan named Reina not only got to appear on TV to describe why her favourite artist deserves to win Album of the Year, but she even got to present the award to Harry Styles himself, according to Yahoo! News.

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Who presented Harry Styles’ Album of the Year Grammy Award?

Reina is a massive Harry Styles fan who hails from Sudbury, Ontario, and as part of the Grammy Awards ceremony, fans of all of the Album of the Year nominees were invited to participate in a “round table” to talk about their favourite artists. 

As Yahoo! News reports, in a pre-recorded video, Reina’s granddaughter Renee Reina (host of The Mom Room podcast) says that the 78-year-old great-grandmother is Styles’ number one fan. Not only does she love his music, but the pair also flew to Los Angeles together to see him in concert wearing the iconic colourful boas Styles is known for. Renee also posted the granddaughter-grandmother experience on her Instagram alongside the caption, “After months of being sent Harry Styles TikToks, endless conversations about why he’s A STAR, I decided to get this woman on a plane to see the guy live.” 

“Aside from being good looking,….I love everything about him,” Reina said. “I love his outlook, his songs and with Harry he has that thing that draws people to him.” 

“If the Grammys did their job, he’s getting that award.”

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Harry Styles hugging super fan Reina with Trevor Noah in the background
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Reina and Harry Styles’ sweet moment stole the show

Album of the Year is always the last award to be presented at the Grammys. Reina along, with the fans of the other nominees (including fans of Brandi Carlile, Adele, Beyoncé and Lizzo to name a few) were invited on stage to await the most anticipated award of the night. 


After Trevor Noah opened the envelope, he walked over to the super fan and had her read what was written on it, her voice breaking in excitement while announcing the British singer. Renee also captured the event in a now-viral TikTok that’s reached 1.3 million views, including the exact moment Styles gave her grandmother a hug. 

Not only did Styles steal the show with the win, but Reina did too, and we think that’s absolutely priceless. 

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