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5 Thoughts I Had While Nicki Minaj Hosted the ‘RHOP’ Reunion

Nicki Minaj wearing all black.
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Earlier this week, Nicki Minaj closed out The Real Housewives of Potomac in a highly-anticipated reunion episode. The rapper took Andy Cohen’s seat to press the ladies about season six — a dream she made come true after expressing her desire to host over social media. Minaj is definitely a polarizing figure but, love her or hate her, this reunion episode was must-watch TV. Here’s what I thought as Nicki took aim at the ladies of Potomac.

Well, that escalated quickly…

As soon as Nicki sat down, she got straight to business. How did we go from “Hi, how are you?” to talking threesomes and quadtuples? This isn’t a criticism Nicki did what she needed to do, but she had me grabbing hold of my metaphorical wig only a few minutes into her reunion episode. I think Ashley was hoping to fly under the radar this season and wasn’t too happy that Nicki had her name first on the hit list. In Ashley’s defense, storyline or not, she always understands the assignment. I really don’t care if she shows up every now and then to stir the pot like Candiace said, “She got work.”

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Nicki Minaj notices details, and she’s pretty perceptive

Nicki’s questions were slightly different from Andy’s. She picks up on things that are unspoken, energy and chemistry between people. While everyone was busy tearing down Robyn’s relationship, calling it non-existent and doubting whether she’d ever walk down the aisle, Nicki pointed out that they had better sexual chemistry this season and that Juan seemed to respect her more. From Robyn’s answer, it seemed like she was the first person to tell her that and that her attention to detail was appreciated. 

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Gizelle Bryant, Candiace Dilliard, Robyn Dixon and Ashley Darby

Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

There was a point in the episode where Nicki took aim at several of the ladies’ husbands. When Ashley was describing her attraction for her husband, Nicki fired back, “What was you attracted to?” I’m sorry Nicki, but what attracted you to a sex offender? Please answer that before coming for these women and their marriages. 

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She hit the nail on the head with Wendy Osefo

I think what Wendy needs is a good girlfriend who’s going to sit her down and find out what’s going on with her. Ashley tried and it didn’t quite work out, but hopefully she’ll hear it from Nicki.  As much as we love the friendly candle war between her and Karen, we all know that selling candles is beneath her. She’s a well-decorated professor who proudly represents the Black community with her impactful political commentary on major news networks. Wendy is a woman of substance and we, the audience, just want her to see that. It was clear through the nervous laughter on Eddie’s accusations, the messy receipts and her overall confrontational behaviour that Wendy might not be feeling as secure as she portrays herself to be.

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Nicki Minaj is good at hosting RHOP reunions

Like Andy said when he came back to reclaim his seat at the end of filming, that was wildly entertaining. Nicki had done her homework and delivered. From giving Candiace some real talk about her shady mother to questioning Gizelle and Robyn about being undercover lovers, she left no stone unturned. Say what you want about her, Nicki is good at this. If she ever hangs up the mic, she could definitely have a career in TV.

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