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Why We’re Manifesting Nicki Minaj as the ‘Potomac’ Reunion Host

Nicki Minaj wearing pink and blonde wig.
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What a time to be alive for Real Housewives fans. First, Rihanna gets involved in The Real Housewives of New York drama and now Nicki Minaj is petitioning to host The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion. Either these popstars are really bored at home or they’re just true fans who want to join in on the fun.

Last week, Nicki posted the Potomac promo trailer to her IG feed with a remix of her song “Moment 4 Life” playing in the background. In the caption, she says: “I’ll be hosting the reunion. lmk what y’all want me to ask chile.” It’s an idea that no one thought was even possible — Andy Cohen has that reunion chair (and that bag) secured. But if Nicki’s passing around a petition to host, we’ll gladly sign our names. We’re here for this Bravo x Barbz collaboration, and while her team is working on making it happen, we’re helping out my manifesting it into reality. Here’s why Nicki Minaj would be the perfect Real Housewives of Potomac reunion host.

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Nicki is unhinged and unpredictable


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There’s a reason why we like to see Minaj onstage you never know what you’re going to get. She’s not afraid to push the envelope and doesn’t care for external opinions. Whether she’s in an interview or on Instagram Live, Nicki is simply entertaining and she’s going to say what she wants to say. She’ll already be switching up the format by taking Andy’s spot, so who knows what other ways she’ll go off-script?

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She’s genuinely excited about potentially hosting (it’s adorable, actually)


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Who would have thought Nicki Minaj’s IG comment section would turn into a Bravo fan forum, with Nicki interacting with fans and Housewives about the show? She took her hosting idea to another level by updating fans with texts from her publicist. When he tells her Andy is open to her taking his seat, she responds in all caps with excitement. In an IG story, she says “Everyone binge watch all the episodes cuz we finna get into some thangz hunty.” We’re ready!


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She’s going to ask what we really want to know


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In the same IG story, Nicki reassures fans she’s taking this seriously. “My questions will be well-thought out, too. Mixed with funny & epic, of course,” she says. When @bravowwhl mentions Candiace Dillard in her comment section, she hints that she has some questions for her. “But @ the reunion, I’m going to have to get into some thangz wit sissy,” she playfully warns. Translation: Nicki will be applying pressure!

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She’ll come dressed like the queen she is


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When it comes to her outfits, Nicki Minaj doesn’t play games. Real Housewives reunions are famously known for the glam and extravagance, the delicious contrast between elegance and profanity. In no universe would Nicki let the Housewives come better dressed, or with better wigs. We want to see what she’ll be wearing to steal the show.

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She’ll open the door for other celebs to host reunions as well (hi, Rihanna!)


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If Nicki ends up hosting the Potomac season six reunion, it’ll not only be epic, but it’ll be unprecedented. Other celebrity Bravo fans might want to do it too, and we can only imagine what it would do for the ratings. Rihanna’s already getting involved in the drama over IG — she might as well take things to the next level and host a reunion. Don’t worry, we’re manifesting this too.

So, Andy we love you. But could you please sit this one out?


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