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Working From Home Isn’t Going Anywhere, Studies Say

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If you’re someone who hopes to continue working from home forever, you’re in luck: remote work is sticking around. According to two new surveys, employers are realizing that employees are happier without commutes and having flexible hours (shocker!)

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) surveyed more than 700 small businesses and 2,000 Canadian workers to see how working from home impacted them and what the future would look like if they continued the trend. Researchers found that 74 per cent of businesses would offer employees the chance to continue working remotely, and 54 per cent of employees said that having the option to work from home would be a determining factor in accepting a new job. More than half of employees even said that their employer supports teleworking — while at the start of the pandemic only 12 per cent encouraged it.

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In addition to the other study, Ranstad Canada, an HR company, also conducted a survey and found employees appreciated remote work because 42 per cent said it allows them greater work-life balance. Twenty-six per cent reported that working from home saves on commuting time, and 18 per cent said it allows them greater control of their schedules.

With greater flexibility and the elimination of long commutes or taking public transit, it’s no wonder why employees would prefer the grind from the comfort of their living rooms and home offices. Plus, Randstad also found that workplaces aren’t prepared for a return to the office post-Covid.

In other words, employers can avoid the below by letting their employees continue to WFH:

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