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60 Amazing Women-Owned Canadian Businesses to Shop This Holiday Season

Brwn Collective, Mes Amies, Olaeda (Lil Crush Photography), Blume
Brwn Collective, Mes Amies, Olaeda (Lil Crush Photography), Blume

While we don’t wait for special occasions to show our love for Canadian women who are paving their way in the business world, the holiday season is the perfect time to showcase some of their businesses. From fashion, to wellness, to home and more – if you can think of it, there’s probably a Canadian women-owned business out there that’s selling it.

So, when you start your holiday planning this year, whether it’s getting them (or yourself) a gift, or going out for an experience, remember these brands. Read on for our list of 50 women-owned Canadian businesses to check out this holiday season — and all year long.

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Women-owned Canadian fashion businesses

A blue-and-pink Nike sneaker
Sneakhers Canada


Founder Bray is a sneakerhead with the coolest taste in shoes – she strives to create a safe space for women to shop, selling authentic (and sometimes hard-to-find) sneakers through her social channels from brands such as Nike, New Balance and more.

Thirty-Seven East

Created by women who have experienced anxiety first-hand, Thirty-Seven East is a Vancouver-based unisex fashion brand dedicated to sparking a conversation around mental health.

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A group of women in loungewear clothing
Mes Amies

Mes Amies

Co-founded by best friends Pamela and Meghan in 2021, Mes Amies aims to create elevated loungewear, combining comfort with style.

Lesley Hampton

Indigenous-owned and founded in 2016.

Evry Jewels

Co-founded by Britt, who comes from a lineage of jewellers.

A person wearing a leopard-print top and necklaces
Olaeda (Lil Crush Photography)


Ethically curated, quality gold-filled jewelry founded by Talia Massaroni.

First Love


BIPOC owned, Instagram-worthy scrunchies brought to you by sisters Navina and Sharuka.

Unika Swim

Luxury swimwear for all ages and sizes, founded in 2018 by Betsy Campos.

Mani Jassal

BIPOC owned, founder Mani Jassal brings a unique approach to luxury South-Asian evening and bridal wear.

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Knix is founded by Joanna Griffiths and famously known for their Leakproof underwear.

Brunette the Label

Fashionable and comfy collections by Miriam Alden.

Kokom Scrunchies

Indigenous owned, this scrunchie brand was founded in 2019 by 11-year-old Mya Beaudry.

Haley Made necklaces
Mali Raja

Haley Made

BIPOC owned, founded by Haley when she discovered her love for jewelry making after spending time in the hospital for Lupus in May 2021.

Poppy and Peonies

Founded by Natalie Dusome, a mother with a goal of navigating modern motherhood in style.


Co-founded by Sophie Boulanger in 2011, BonLook is a pioneer in the online sale of prescription eyewear in Canada.


BIPOC owned, co-founders Hyla Nayeri and Adrien Bettio were only 21 when they brought this now IG-famous swim and activewear brand to life.


Activewear founded by former yoga teacher, Erin Ward-Williams.

Awai Swim

Founded by Kayla Larabie who brought her love for the ocean and travelling together to create handmade swimwear.

Ellie Mae Studios
Ellie Mae Waters designs and produces styles in Toronto that have been spotted on well-known stars.

Mary Young

Founded in 2014 by Mary Young with an aim to fill the gap in the intimates market and create an inclusive community.


With a goal of providing a physical retail experience for women to shop premier activewear brands comes Permission, founded by sisters Amanda and Laura.

Wholesome Culture


Founder Audrey Castonguay is big on promoting vegan and environment-related messages, which is seen across the products her brand creates.

Indigenous Box
Mali Raja

Indigenous Box

Indigenous-owned, Mallory Yawnghwe founded her business gifting box business with a mission to put money back into the hands of business owners from her community.


BIPOC owned, the brand started as founder Dorian Oteng’s passion project – over 10 years later, they are creating everyday jewelry for the modern person.

Good for Sunday

Co-founded by Demetra Kentris is a brand that focuses on sustainable, comfortable pieces.

Wild Mane Co.

Founder Lacey Johnson is actually a Licensed Practical Nurse, but leaning into her love for hair accessories, she founded Wild Mane Co.

Free Label

Jess Sternberg founded her brand in 2015 with sustainability focused clothing ranging in sizes XS-4X.

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A greeting card that says "Jingle Bell Rock"
Saphera Peters

Women-owned Canadian homeware businesses

Saphera Peters

BIPOC-owned and Brampton based, Saphera puts her passion for digital design into creating homeware and gifting goods such as unique stickers, wall art, and out-of-the-box greeting cards.

The Bioball

BIPOC owned, for the basketball fan who also loves plants, comes a planter made out of classic and iconic basketballs, locally made by Sarika.

After Hours Candle
Mali Raja

After Hours

Founded by Jessica Irving is a graphic design and digital experience studio with the coolest candles, stickers and pins. They make spooky season last year-round with thoughtfully designed items that you’ll want to gift — but might just end up keeping for yourself (the Ouija pin and “Superstitious” candle are my personal favourites).



Co-founders Victoria Mierzwa and Katerina Juskey started their brand in 2018 making handmade candles from organic coconut and soy wax. Since then, LOHN has gone on to become one of Canada’s most recognized candle brands with their beautiful packaging and fun scents.

Brwn Collective candle
Brwn Collective

Brwn Collective

BIPOC owned, Sagal Ali combines social justice and creativity to create handmade candles with genuine personality behind each product (available at Indigo).

Goldilocks Goods

You may have seen founder Amy Hall’s viral reusable beeswax wraps on TikTok.


100% natural soy wax candles founded by Iseult in her teenage years.

The Apartment

An adorable spot to find unique vintage furniture, Fiona founded this eye-catching, bright pink storefront.


Sheryn Saab is a third-generation Colombian textile entrepreneur who founded her bed and bath brand during the midst of the pandemic.

By Lauren P.

Lauren has worked with many popular brands, creating custom illustrations for brand campaigns, home prints, ceramics and more.


Co-founded by Sara Panton is the popular, sleek diffuser with high-grade essential oils sourced from all over the world.

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Open box from Graydon Skincare
Graydon Skincare

Women-owned Canadian beauty and wellness businesses

Graydon Skincare

Founder Graydon Moffat brings her skills as a former vegan chef into the beauty industry, infusing her products with adaptogens and superfoods to create award-winning, clean skincare.

Look Organics

Founder Caroline Candace is a registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner creating nourishing products that target blemishes, hydration, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

Two hands holding a Heali box

Heali Medical

Co-founded by Heather Sloan and Enwei Li is a stylish, therapeutic kinesiology tape infused with menthol and magnesium to keep away pain and speed up recovery time for athletic injuries, everyday muscle pains, menstrual cramps and more.

Sunday Glow


BIPOC owned, Korean Mask Subscription Box by serial entrepreneur Celine Guo.

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Jus by Oreya

BIPOC owned and inspired by DIY hair masks comes a professional hair mask by Alexa Brittany.


Family founded by Jenny, Taylor and Ally Frankel, Nudestix offers a range of multi-functional products.


Mahay and Genevieve wanted to provide a safe alternative to sun exposure – so they created safe, sunless tanning and skincare products themselves.

Purple Blume product
Mali Raja


BIPOC owned, clean, effective skincare co-founded by the sweetest sisters – Tara and Bunny.

Three Ships Beauty

Founded by Laura and Connie in 2017 with the goal of making skincare simple, healthy and effective.

Evio Beauty

Founder Brandi Leifso conceptualized her brand while in a women’s shelter – since then, it has gone on to become a well-recognized and trusted brand in beauty.

Basma Beauty

BIPOC owned, founder Basma Hameed was in a kitchen accident at a young age that left her with burns on her face which led to her eventually experimenting with makeup. She created her brand with the idea in mind that her makeup can be used on any skin type or texture.

Nox Shop

Founded by Amy Johnson in 2017 is a self-care toy brand with a focus on pleasure.

Cheekbone Beauty

Indigenous-owned and founded by Jenn Harper in 2016, the brand is known for producing sustainable beauty products.

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Eatable packages
Mali Raja

Women-owned Canadian food businesses


BIPOC owned, Charlene Li created small batches of delicious popcorn that’s infused with wine, spirits and cocktails making it the perfect gift or party snack.

Atta Girl The Brand


Molly Cardinal is about to make your parties all the more memorable with personalized snacks. From Ring Pops with your face on it, to chip bags featuring your dog, her party favours are adorable and unique.


BIPOC owned, founded by Lilian who noticed the lack of snacks that took the needs of women pre and during pregnancy into consideration.


Born around the realization that there was nothing on the typical café menu that tasted good and was also good for your body, Blume was co-founded by Karen Danudjaja in 2017.

Cocktail Emporium

Kristen Voisey brings the vintage bar culture and community from LA back to Toronto.

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Women-owned Canadian experience businesses

Space on King

Event Space: Co-founded by Elisabetta Costa is a space for creatives that can be booked for events (holiday parties!), photoshoots, pop-ups and more.


Beauty Services: Known as Canada’s #1 hair removal destination, founded by Lexi Miles Corrin.


Fitness: One of the fastest-growing companies in Canada, founded by Michelle August when she was just 22 years old.

Alaïa Café

Café: BIPOC owned, this all-pink, Instagrammable café in Square One is founded by Radiyah Chapti.

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