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What Your Outfit Says to Him

What Your Outfit Says to Him

Can’t decide what to wear on a first date? While you can dress for a first date based on your zodiac sign, if you’re straight girl looking to get with a straight guy — we rounded up some hetero men to give you quality feedback and insights into their brains. Here are our expert straight dudes with fashion opinions to guide you.

Busting out a pair of jeans

You’re in luck. Men like jeans. As Victoria Beckham says in her style guide That Extra Half an Inch, “More than any other piece of clothing, jeans can show off your figure at its best,” and this is not lost on guys. “I love seeing a girl in stylish jeans and a cute top.  This is a simple outfit that shows confidence, a casual mood, sexiness, and also lets me know that she’s just being herself,” says Nathan, 31. Twenty-eight-year-old Tyler’s all-time favourite date outfit was “ripped jeans, a cute jacket and red patent high heels.”

Slipping on some heels

We all know that men find heels sexy, but apparently, they’re not a necessity. “I don’t notice shoes for the most part,” says Nathan. “I think the best outfits are the ones that combine style with comfort.” Tyler agrees: “I’ve dated girls who I have to hold on to because they can barely walk in their heels. Heels should only be worn if you are confident and want to wear them.” And for Michael, 25, when girls start choosing high tops over heels, “I’ll be in heaven.”

Pulling on those sexy boots

Boots must signal something deep in the sexy psyche of men. They seem to have very strong–and usually positive–reactions to the idea. “I can’t say why, but I love the look of knee-high boots,” says Nathan. Mike, 30, is even more exuberant: “Love ’em! Love! ‘Em!” High-top-loving Michael has mixed feelings: “With the right outfit they say sexy, with the wrong outfit they say, ‘would you like a lap dance?'”

Picking out the perfect accessories

Don’t worry too much about your accessories. Guys don’t notice jewellery unless you’re wearing too much. “The odds of any straight man parsing the psychology of earring length are beyond small. Odds are, we’re checking out how her boobs are presented and trying not to be caught,” says Mike.


Girl in black tee and leopard skirt

Going for ultra femme with dresses

Dresses might say that you’re dressed up. They might say nothing at all. Both Mike and Nathan expect a dress if it’s warm enough to wear one. But it doesn’t rate higher than nice jeans and a sexy top.

Going fancy

While a casual dress is fine, the general consensus is that being over-dressed can be overkill. “Personal style says a lot about the individual,”says Nathan. “When I see a girl who over-dresses, it screams that she’s making up for something with decoration.” Josh, 26, is wary of label whores. “Name brands usually mean the night isn’t dutch. Be careful: she probably has zero sense of humour,” he says.

Keeping it really, really casual

We’ve discovered that jeans are a good thing but that doesn’t mean that your oldest jeans and grubby sneakers are date-appropriate. “If she shows up in runners, jeans and a T-shirt, then I know there really wasn’t much effort put in to looking her best. I want the girl to be comfortable in what she is wearing but I hope that she wants to look your best for me as well,” says Tyler.

Putting on a face of makeup

It’s true that we can get away with wearing more makeup than we’d admit to and still look fresh as a daisy–and that’s the way it should be. Guys just don’t get glitter. They truly are interested in what your face looks like. And, says Michael, “Too much makeup is the ultimate turn off!” Mike adds, “If someone is too elaborately made up, I worry I would spend weekends waiting for her to get ready, answering a never-ending barrage of this-top-or-this-top questions.”

Ramping up the sexy

This is where the truth comes out. As down-to-earth as guys want you to be, they will not argue if you dress like a bit of a sex kitten. Not overly dressy of course, and not half naked (“If you have to make an effort not to stare down at certain places, that’s awkward,” says Tyler) but subtly sexy is good. “If a girl is comfortable and confident in tight clothing showing lots of skin then I’m all for it,” says Nathan. According to Mike, “Sexy is not a turnoff. Sex is a completely happy outcome for any first date. Whether it leads to a second date, that depends on how date number one goes.”


Written by Vanessa Grant

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