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What is the Cold Moon? Here’s What the December 2022 Full Moon Means

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The Cold Moon is on the horizon, as it’s set to take place on Wednesday, Dec. 7 – but what does that mean for you astrologically?

Marking the first full moon in December, the Cold Moon is all about setting your intentions for the future, while reflecting on the past year. Since the Cold Moon is in Gemini, it’ll spark questions and curiosity in every zodiac sign.

According to Elite Daily, “the spiritual meaning of the December 2022 full Cold Moon is all about embracing the inquiries that you don’t yet have answers to,” so get ready to confront difficult questions that may be riddling your mind.

While we know that the Cold Moon will bring about a new phase astrologically, what, exactly, does it mean?

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What is a Cold Moon?

The first full moon in December is “called the [Cold Moon] because in the northern hemisphere we’re either a few weeks away from winter or have just entered it,” astrologist and astrological guide for the Saturn Returns Podcast Noura Bourni tells GLAMOUR, “thus it introduces the coldest months of the year.”

It reportedly reflects changes in the natural world, marking the midpoint of winter. This means that, while it signifies the darkest point of the season, things can only get brighter, and the days can only get longer from here.

Since the Cold Moon takes place in the weeks before the winter solstice, it appears above the horizon for longer than any other full moon, according to Elite Daily. This month, you’ll be able to see the Cold Moon at 16 degrees of Gemini starting on December 7 at 11:09 PM EST.

The 2022 Cold Moon is in Gemini, signifying curiosity and soul-searching behaviours.

“This would be an excellent time to set concrete intentions, write down our resolutions but also have a set plan for them,” Bourni continues. “This will be more beneficial than setting these intentions or resolutions on 1st January for example.”


According to Bourni, if you set your intentions, you may find your way onto a path that allows you to see real changes in your life by July 2023.

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What does the Cold Moon mean spiritually?

Since the Cold Moon serves as the last full moon of the year, it’s all about reflection. In terms of spirituality, this means that you should “sit in silence and stillness, ideally contemplating the last 12 months of our lives and allow gratitude to inform our thinking process,” Bourni says.

…things can only get brighter, and the days can only get longer from here.

So, not only should you be setting your intentions, but you should do so through a lens of community by thinking of the people close to you. You should also be ready to reach out to people you may have lost touch with – whether you’re hoping to ask for forgiveness or simply catch up over a warm wintery drink.

Ultimately, the Cold Moon is a climax in your year that you should use to let go of anything that’s keeping you from achieving your goals and leave it in 2022.

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