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We Tried Belif Canada Products and Here’s What We Found

skincare products from Belif
Belif Canada

In the last 12 months, as we toil away at home, we’ve taken the at-home opportunity to revive (or recalibrate) our skincare routine, from moisturizers and hydrating sleep masks. We just tried a variety of Belif skincare products that combines herbal traditions with modern Korean skin science. We love a clean skincare routine as much as the next person and, at the end of the day, it’s all about giving your skin the TLC it truly deserves – and these Belif skincare products just might make a believer out of you.

Tracey Moore holding a Belif product
Tracey Moore

Tracey has her glow on, even while she sleeps

I can admit that I need a little help in the sleep department, which is why I was excited to try this Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask for some rejuvenation. Usually, when I wake up, my skin is super dry and in need of moisturizer first thing in the AM. This mask promises to lock in moisture and replenish dry, dull, fatigued skin – which sounds like exactly what I need. The mask is a jelly-like texture that applies a thick layer of cool hydration to the skin. It definitely feels like you’re packing on the moisture and, in my book, that’s a good thing. The idea is to apply it, go to bed and wake up with refreshed skin. The first time I tried it, I found it difficult to keep the mask on my face because I toss and turn quite a bit. In the morning, I couldn’t feel the mask anymore, maybe because I had completely rubbed it off or because it was absorbed. Either way, I felt like I was wasting it by rubbing against my pillow (I can’t sleep comfortably on my back for the life of me, so that wasn’t an option). Though this may be a great product, I think that sleeping masks may not be for me.

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Lydia Kyrcko holds a Belief product
Lydia Hrycko

Lydia is keeping her skin hydrated for summer

I’m no stranger to belif’s Aqua Bomb line and I loved the new addition of their Brightening Vitamin C Cream. The gel formula (made with hyaluronic acids and vitamins C+E) leaves the skin fresh, glowing and surprisingly hydrated without an oily residue. Highly recommend for those who, like me, have acne-prone skin, but like to feel nice and moisturized.

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Dragana Kovacevic holding up a Belief product
Dragana Kovacevic

Dragana’s locking in all that moisture

I tried belif’s Aqua Bomb Cleansing Balm. I have perma-dry skin. Like… year-round. So I need all my products to push and lock in that moisture. This product delivers that and then some. It has almost a body-butter texture that gradually dissolves into a cream and then an oil to whisk all that makeup away. Once I’ve rinsed it off, my skin looks and feels nourished – and it glows! I’m going to credit some of that to the lotus flower and marshmallow root extracts, which work to soothe the skin and lock in moisture.

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Madison Gaudry-Routledge holding a Belief product
Madison Gaudry-Routledge

Madison can’t help but fangirl over this clean skincare product

My skin has a love/hate relationship with moisturizer. As someone with combination skin, I tend to experience periods of dryness, as well as oiliness. If that wasn’t enough, I also have mild rosacea, which means my skin tone is literally always uneven. With that being said, the proper moisturizer can work wonders to help with dryness, uneven texture and restoring glow to your skin, making it look and feel super healthy.

Belif’s The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is light enough that it doesn’t make my skin feel overly greasy, but powerful enough to provide my skin with real hydration making it look and feel nourished. I’ve been very into ‘cleaning’ up my skincare routine, so I’ve been purging products with synthetic ingredients and anything that irritates my skin. This product fits in with any clean skincare routine, as it’s formulated without a handful of non-natural ingredients (i.e. sulfates, parabens, phthalates, etc.). It also contains comfrey leaf, which has historically been used to heal calloused, dry hands. If this cream can help a hardworking farmers’ hands, it can definitely help revive your parched skin.


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