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How to Set Your Skin Care Goals for 2021: 4 Ways to Refresh Your Routine

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The start of a new year can signal it’s time for a fresh approach to our rituals and routines. After a year like 2020, many of us are looking to recalibrate, reevaluate and introduce new tips and tricks into our dailies to make every day just a little bit better. We take stock, rethink and hit reset on what isn’t working or what could be working better. Your skin too can benefit from that refresh too.

Over time (and with changes in season and age), your skin may develop new unique needs (adult acne, you’re not cute). Or, it may simply be time to try something new, as skin care science continues to evolve and improve. Everything from antioxidants-rich serums, cleansers, exfoliators, toners, eye creams to moisturizers can help you refresh your skin routine for 2021. Here are our top ways on how to make that happen.

Give your skin care routine a makeover

Give thought to what’s currently part of your daily skin care regiment — and assess your approach. What’s missing? Is it a toner? Sunscreen or cleanser? Something to address your specific concerns (hello new wrinkles)? We got you covered.

Product shot of Clarins Soothing Toning Lotion
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Try: Clarins Soothing Toning Lotion

If toning lotion is not part of your routine, consider adding it. In addition to supporting your skin’s microbiota (we each have a unique human microbiome), Clarins offers a range of three new toning lotions to help balance each skin type. Extracts such as chamomile and purple coneflower help calm and comfort skin – and who doesn’t want that during the cold winter months?

Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Face Serum
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Try: Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Face Serum

Another one to add to your skin care arsenal, Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Face Serum allows your skin to recover faster from external stressors to your skin. It contains seven pre- and probiotic extracts to help your skin naturally do what it does best to help you be your most radiant self.



Woman applying lotion to her shoulder
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Take care of your body from head-to-toe

Don’t limit your skin care to just your face. The rest of your body needs some TLC too – especially those parts that are often overlooked or forgotten (elbows, we’re looking at you).

Product shot of Aveeno Restorative lotion
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Try: AVEENO® Restorative Skin Therapy Repairing Cream

For your whole body, try Aveeno’s Restorative Skin Therapy Repairing Cream. For those with sensitive skin especially, or anyone looking for a great cream free of fragrance, parabens, phthalates and more, Aveeno is a great choice to help restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier, and to repair dry skin.

Product shot of Glysomed hand cream
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Try: Glysomed Hand Cream

Rough hands be gone! A great staple to stash in your purse or next to the soap, Glysomed’s hand cream has been around for some time, and with good reason. It offers great protection to your hands, especially during a time when we’re constantly washing and sanitizing them with often skin-drying, alcohol-based agents. Glysomed helps lock in moisture with its long-lasting glycerin-chamomile formula that will leave your hands feeling protected.

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Address your concerns confidently

The beauty of scientific and technological advances in skin care is that there are targeted solutions for a wider range of individual concerns. This means that you can address your particular concern with greater confidence in finding a solution for your personal needs.

Product shop of La Roche Posay
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Try: La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+M

If you, like many others, experience itchy, easily-irritated skin or conditions such as eczema, La Roche-Posay’s Lipikar Balm is designed with sensitive, dry and atopy-prone skin in mind. It’s safe enough for babies but effective enough for adults.

Product shot of StriVectin anti-wrinkle cream
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Try: StriVectin Anti-Wrinkle Wrinkle Recode™ Moisture Rich Barrier Cream Daily Treatment Moisturizer

Supple, nourished skin looks just as healthy on the outside, and StriVectin’s Anti-Wrinkle Wrinkle Recode moisturizer helps promote your most youthful-looking skin beginning with supporting its natural barrier. This indulgently rich cream is made with patented NIA-114™ (an optimized form of Niacin/Vitamin B3 clinically proven to strengthen the skin) plus more delicate skin-supporting ingredients.

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Amp up your ingredient knowledge

Another way to refresh your routine is to familiarize yourself with different ingredients, as well as what they do. Amping up your ingredient knowledge, and knowing to look for hyaluronic acid, for example, will allow you to make more informed decisions when making your skin care purchases now and in the future.

Product shot of Clinque smart night
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Try: Clinique Smart Night Clinical™ MD Multi-Dimensional Repair Treatment Retinol

There’s a reason this product has become a classic fav: A front-liner in helping restore youthfulness to aging skin is retinol. Clinique’s Smart Night Clinical™ MD Multi-Dimensional Repair Treatment blends high-grade retinol into its creamy formula to help support natural cell turnover (a key component to youthful-looking skin). The repair treatment delivers nourishing hydration, helping improve skin texture and radiance.

Product shot of Elizabeth Arden hyraulonic acid serum
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Try: Elizabeth Arden HYALURONIC Acid Ceramide Capsules Hydra-Plumping Serum


Knowing which ingredients target specific concerns can help you choose the best product for your skin. But whatever your particular concern, all skin needs adequate moisture. Elizabeth Arden’s hyaluronic acid solution draws in that moisture while the ceramides reinforce your skin’s barrier, locking in that moisture for good.

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