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Unemployment Won’t Hurt Your Resume and Here’s Why

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In the past, having long stretches between jobs on your resume was basically a sentence for chronic unemployment (six months or longer). Ultimately, this made it even harder to rejoin the workforce, the more time had passed. 

It used to be that those in hiring positions would look at long-term joblessness as a red flag, and would move on to other candidates. There was the assumption that the person’s job skills had degraded over time, or that the prospective employee was without a job for a reason. 

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However, this stigma appears to be lifting as pressure on unemployment starts to ease, the economy begins its post-pandemic recovery and employers look for new hires in earnest. Some experts are suggesting that, this time around, such employment gaps are considered differently and are less of an issue for hiring managers. 

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So, those who are worried that their skills may have degraded during this period of unemployment especially those with specialized skills in the knowledge economy may have an easier time landing a job if they take online courses or training to upgrade their qualifications while they remain out of work. 

Employers are starting to realize that if a prospective employee’s values and skills align with the organization, prior time off should not be a factor in ruling someone out.

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This news offers a beacon of hope to the thousands of Canadians who lost their jobs during pandemic cutbacks. Employers have turned a corner for the better.

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