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Underrated Bravolebrities on Slice Who We Think Deserve More Hype

Karen Huger
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We know the names of the stars of the shows — they’re familiar faces on gossip blogs and tabloid magazine covers — but there’s a few cast members we think are flying a little too low under the radar. They may not have the most airtime, but they bring the humour, heart, and attitude these shows need. Here are our favourite Bravolebrities that we think deserve more hype.

Karen Huger: don’t sleep on the Grande Dame

Karen Huger
Getty Images

“Karen Huger is absolutely underrated. The other women love to play with Karen and poke jokes about her and Ray’s finances, but her iconic quote remains true, “You gotta have millions, to owe millions.” I think we finally saw her starting to get the respect she deserves this past season of RHOP, but it had been a long time coming. The Grande Dame has given us A LOT over the years. From candidly discussing her own trauma with sexual assault, to being open about her and Ray’s marital problems — she’s kept it 100% real and has owned it. She’s also launched multiple businesses during her time on RHOP and has shown us all that it’s never too late to find your passion. Finally, she’s aged like a fine wine and more people need to be talking about her glow up since season 1. She’s the only ‘Karen’ I f*ck with in 2021.” – Madison G., Social Strategist, W Network & SLICE.

Craig Conover: having the last laugh…all the way to the bank

“Craig Conover from Southern Charm! This guy went from a lazy, failed lawyer addicted to Adderall to a straight-up pillow magnate in just a couple seasons. He really is proof that you should ignore the haters and do your own thing (even if your snobby girlfriend keeps making fun of you for it). Not only that, but Craig is hilarious and always down for a good time. He’s not afraid to be there for his friends and stand up for what’s right — whether it’s calling out Kathryn for her racist tirade or tearing Madison apart for playing with his buddy Austen’s heart.” – Tracey M., Producer,

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Aesha Scott: pushed through the darkness to live life to the fullest

Aesha Scott
Getty Images

“I only just started to really watch the Real Housewives and Below Deck series as of late — thanks to the pandemic. I just find Aesha Scott from Below Deck Med thoroughly entertaining — she keeps it real and real funny. While I was excited for her return in the latest season, the cliques and drama that already formed prior to her arrival halfway through the season, made it difficult for her to form true connections with her crewmates. Translation: less screen time.

The optimism and positive energy that she brings to the table is what I want to see coming through my TV screen. And, quite frankly, it’s pretty incredible how she’s able to have such a positive outlook on life despite all the adversity she’s had to overcome — including being a rape survivor and having to see her brother pass away. Not only has she been open about these experiences, she’s also pushed through the darkness to try to live life to its fullest.”  – Melissa T.

Stephanie Hollman: a lavish lifestyle and a good heart

Stephanie Hollman
Getty Images

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m here for RHOD‘s Stephanie Hollman. Sure, she may not bring the drama like some of the other ladies, but she deserves more praise for how compassionate and genuinely nice she is. I enjoy watching her lavish lifestyle, her rock-solid friendship with Brandi Redmond, and her sweet (and silly) demeanour. We haven’t seen much despicable behaviour from this one, and while some may blame that on her edit, isn’t it possible she’s truly as sweet as most of her storylines? I’d like to believe so!

We also have to commend her for being so open and honest about her mental health struggles, giving strength to others in doing so. She recently shared on her Facebook: ‘Remember that the person who smiles a lot and keeps things to themselves may be fighting a silent battle of their own. Be kind to be each other and yourself.'” – Rebecca B., Manager, Digital Lifestyle.


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The Shahs of Sunset cast: decades-long friendships with plenty of drama

The Shahs of Sunset cast
Getty Images

“In my opinion, the entire cast of Shahs of Sunset is highly underrated. This show highlights the ups and downs of decades-long friendships and they don’t skirt away from the drama. The fights between Reza and MJ are absolutely legendary and don’t even get me started on the spreads of incredible Persian food they have at every party.” – Lydia H., Producer,

Dana Wilkey: a $25, 000 throwback

Dana Wilkey
Getty Images

“Dana Wilkey from RHOBH Season 2!!!! I still vividly remember her shameless brag about her $25,000 dollar sunglasses like it was yesterday. She certainly wasn’t humble but she seemed innocent enough. She was a lot of fun and seemed to get along with most people. It’s so obvious she’s from the east coast and it’s fun to watch her juxtapose the LA women. I would love to see what she’s up to now and if she’s still announcing the value of her belongings!” – Matt B., Graphic Designer, So.da.

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Carl Radke: a trainwreck aiming to do better

Carl Radke
Getty Images

“Carl from Summer House! I think it’s fair to assume that most people just think of him as a hot mess, BUT there’s something about his vulnerability to put it ALLLLLL out there — the bad, the terrible and the very ugly — that makes me love him. We’ve seen him make terrible choice after terrible choice, and that’s hugely helpful in keeping the drama at a 10 as the rest of the cast deals with the ramifications from his inability to make anything other than the WORST CHOICE POSSIBLE IN ANY GIVEN SITUATION. We’ve seen him get fired, try to date his best friend, try to date his best friend while her best friend who is also his ex-gf is in the house. We’ve seen him make out with….everyone. We’ve seen him — a grown man — use the expression ‘more life’ and think it’s cool. Now, all of a sudden,  we’ve seen him earnestly try to pull his life together and get sober-ish, hold down a job, get his mom re-married and be drama free! More life!” – Vicky S., Associate Producer, National Morning News.

Michael Kelcourse: more than just a butler


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“Scream it from the rooftops: MICHAEL KELCOURSE! The incomparable butler to Southern Charm’s Grand Dame Patricia Altshul, Micheal is truly one-of-a-kind: sweet, charming, hilarious and a consummate professional. We love our Bravolebrities because watching them provides a glimpse into luxurious lifestyles beyond our wildest dreams. Dorinda Medley has Bluestone Manor, Lisa Vanderpump has Villa Rosa, but neither of them has employee/best friend who will drive them to McDonald’s in a Bentley, lay out a table cloth and silver in the back seat, and serve a filet-o-fish like it’s filet mignon. He can make a gourmet meal for 10, train your dogs, and kindly explain to you why drinking vodka is “déclassé” (hint: potatoes grow in the dirt). If his unparalleled skills and professionalism weren’t enough cause for respect, there’s also the fact that he and Ms. Pat are one of the finest comedy duos on television. Michael is currently recovering from a serious stroke, so I’m sending him all the love, and I hope he’s getting the level care he has selflessly provided to others for so many years.” – Jillian O., Producer, On-Air Promotions.


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