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The Richest Online Gamers in 2022 — Based on Net Worth

Remember everyone who told you that playing video games all day wouldn’t pay the rent? They may have to swallow their words. Professional gaming is a thing, and it can pay so much more than just the rent. Those at the top of their, well, game have become millionaires thanks to platforms like Twitch and YouTube. For many top earners, however, it looks like it may still very much be a man’s world, though: Canada’s Sasha Hostyn, also known as Scarlett, is the richest female gamer we found, with between $2.54 million to $4.45 million to her name, as estimated by Celeb Networth — while that’s certainly a high net worth, that’s less than a tenth of what the richest male gamer on our list makes. So who are the richest online gamers in 2022? Let’s find out.

Note: all figures are estimated, in US dollars and based on sources like Esports Earnings, Net Worth Planet, Net Worth Spot, Celebrity Net Worth, CA Knowledge, Techie + Gamers or Wealthy Gorilla.

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