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The Real Housewives Husbands, Ranked

Joe Gorga, Mauricio Umansky, Harry Hamlin
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The women of The Real Housewives share their world to viewers, and that includes a look into their love lives. Over the years we’ve been introduced to new and existing Housewives husbands, exes, and new love interests. While we’ve witnessed a number of marriages come to an end along the seasons, a number of our favourite Housewives couples are still going strong. We’ve ranked 10 fan-favourite Housewives husbands based on their appearances on the show.


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10. Seth Marks

While our introduction to Meredith and Seth Marks was of their rocky life and relationship, the Salt Lake City couple persevered and made their marriage work. Though he still has some questionable moments, ie. ogling Whitney’s cleavage, he has fought for his marriage and proven to be devoted and supportive of Meredith and their children.

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Joe Jorga
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9. Joe Gorga

An OG Real Housewife Husband, Joe Gorga has never been quiet about his love for Melissa. The New Jersey pair have proven they really are “un-break-able”, getting through many tumultuous moments together. Though he’s a loving husband and father, Gorga’s traditional mindset and hot temper has often stirred up some drama.

Raymond Huger
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8. Raymond Huger

One of the longer marriages in the Bravo universe is that of Karen and Ray Huger. Dubbed “The Black Bill Gates” by his wife, Ray built his business and family up with hard work and dedication. Though the Hugers faced legal tax issues in earlier seasons of The Real Housewives of Potomac, they weathered the storm, recently renewing their vows.

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Simon Van Kempen
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7. Simon Van Kempen

Every Housewives aficionado knows the first three seasons of The Real Housewives of New York are a reality television masterpiece. Alex McCord and Simon Van Kepmen were wonderfully odd and while they didn’t fit into the group at all, they were the real stars of the show. Though some of their moments were a bit hard to watch, Van Kempen was always the first person to defend his wife and family. The couple moved out of the spotlight to Australia, but are still happily married.

6. Sharrieff Shah

Though Jen Shah’s legal woes are only beginning to unfold, one person has remained firmly by her side: her husband Sharrieff. Of the people we’ve seen Jen interact with, Coach Shah has always been the one to calm her down when she’s spiralling. While time constraints and schedules were weighing down on their marriage last season, we’ve seen the couple sticking it out through thick and thin this past season.

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Harry Hamlin
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5. Harry Hamlin

It’s been said once or twice (per episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) that Lisa Rinna really loves her husband Harry Hamlin. We know Rinna doesn’t play when it comes to her husband, and his highly cared-for vegetable garden and famous tomato sauce may just be why. The duo is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

Chris Bassett
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4. Chris Bassett

“Husbandger” Chris Bassett is always down to ride for his wife, The Real Housewives of Potomac’s Candiace Dillard. Viewers watched as Chris and Candiace got married and experienced contention between their families, but they’ve always managed to push through. The couple recently purchased a new home (without Candiace’s mother’s signature), and are working together to grow Candiace’s musical career.

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Ken Vanderpump
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3. Ken Vanderpump

One of the most loyal Real Housewives husbands is, hands down, Ken Vanderpump. Ken and Lisa’s playful romantic relationship and tenacious business partnership has lasted over 40 years. The pair even recently became grandparents. Though Ken has gotten heat for inserting himself into Lisa’s drama, his infamous “Goodbye Kyle!” moment proved he’s got his wife’s back no matter what.

Mauricio Umansky
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2. Mauricio Umansky

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG Kyle Richards has always rocked steady with her Husband Mauricio Umansky. Though the couple has faced cheating rumours, it’s clear Umansky dearly loves his wife and family. The father of four has worked hard to build a successful real estate business, and often serves as a soft voice of reason on the show.

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Todd Tucker
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1. Todd Tucker

Formerly a producer on the show, Todd Tucker went from working behind the camera to sharing his intimate life in front of it. After falling in love with The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burress, Todd faced immediate unwarranted pushback from Kandi’s mother. He never gave up on their relationship, and worked hard to prove he wasn’t just looking for a meal ticket. The couple now run a number of successful businesses together, have their own spinoff show, and have welcomed two children into the world.

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