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The Most Hilarious RHOT Reactions

The Most Hilarious RHOT Reactions

The Real Housewives of Toronto are seasoned experts in the fine art of facial expressions.

All season long, we were glued to the TV, lol’ing at all of their hilarious, oversized reactions to everything from live plastic surgery to Kara casually dropping a Stalin quote.

There’s now a RHOT GIF for every situation imaginable – and we’ve compiled all of our favourites for you.


When the wine your host serves is honestly the worst:

When your co-worker drops a graphic detail about their sex life:

When your mom drops a graphic detail about her sex life:

When your feeling craaaaaaaazy:

When you see your crush from across the room:

When you learn a secret, then try to pretend you already knew:

When you hear someone’s been talking your friend:

When you hear they’ve been talking about you, too

Friday at 5:01 pm

Monday at 8:55 am

When you realize you’re wine drunk and in trouble:

When you’re planning an attack but, but not ready to strike

When you’re four glasses in and your friends start spilling all their secrets:

When the guy’s so cute you literally stop and turn:

When you just can’t with your friend’s Facebook posts

When you’re over it, but still trying to keep it fun:

When they know you kidding, but you gotta tell ’em anyways:

When you hate the host, but love free wine:

When a juicy secret changes everything:

When you’re totally busted, but trying to keep it cute:

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