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The ‘Family Karma’ Cast – Ranked By Net Worth

The 'Family Karma' cast
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Family Karma is a show that’s quickly on the rise, but have you ever wondered how much the cast is worth — and how they get their money? From Anisha Ramakrishna to Shaan Patel, we’ve rounded up a list of how much money each of the cast members has accumulated with season 3 on the horizon.

Here is the net worth of the Family Karma cast, estimated in USD, according to The Things and 44 Bars.

Anisha Ramakrishna
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Anisha Ramakrishna’s estimated net worth: $100,000

Anisha Ramakrishna is probably one of the most private reality stars to date. Despite being on Family Karma, we don’t know very much about her personal life, aside from the fact that she runs her own body positive clothing line. Before starting her own business, she worked at Apple, ultimately giving her a net worth of $100,000.

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Monica Vaswani
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Monica Vaswani’s estimated net worth: $150,000

Not only does Monica Vaswani have a day job as a tech specialist, but in the evenings she aspires to become a Bollywood choreographer. Between both of those pursuits and her experience on Family Karma, she has a net worth of around $150,000.

Bali Chainani
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Bali Chainani’s estimated net worth: $175,000

Bali Chainani has been in the public eye for quite some time after getting married to a wealthy businessman at the ripe age of 22. After a decade, she divorced him, and her second marriage ended even more quickly when her second husband cheated. Since then, Chainani has paved new ways to earn money through selling merchandise and her own business endeavours.

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Amrit Kapai
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Amrit Kapai’s estimated net worth: $200,000

Amrit Kapai grew up in a conservative, religious household and has faced hardships after coming out to his family and the people around him. While he’s preparing for his wedding with his fiancé, Nicholas Kouchoukos, Kapai has been making some big bucks as a litigator at a popular firm in the United States.

Brian Benni
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Brian Benni’s estimated net worth: $300,000

Family Karma heartthrob Brian Benni was inducted into the FSU Pre-Dental Society before eventually moving into the tech industry. He then got an executive job at a big firm in Miami, which supplements his reality show income – ultimately, giving him a net worth of around $300,000.

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Dillon Patel
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Dillon Patel’s estimated net worth: $750,000

Dillon studied economics and worked as a management consultant before coming to Family Karma. The reality star has a pretty well-established career, ultimately earning himself a net worth of somewhere around $750,000.

Shaan Patel
NBC Universal

Shaan Patel’s estimated net worth $750,000

While he may be the youngest member of the Family Karma cast, Shaan Patel still has one of the highest net worths, clocking in at $750,000. As revealed in the show, Shaan headed to Florida after grad school and went into business with his dad, Dipak Patel, after he sold his business. Together, they have been building a townhouse development that is worth around $4 million, so he’s no stranger to working with some serious cash.

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Vishal Parvani
NBC Universal

Vishal Parvani’s estimated net worth: $750,000

Vishal Parvani – who has been making headlines for a while over his on-again-off-again relationship with his wife, Richa Sadana – comes from a wealthy family that has their hands in real estate. Unlike the rest of his family, Parvani decided to pursue entertainment because of the lack of diversity in the industry. The real-estate-salesman-turned-reality-star has closed more than $70 million in commercial real estate transactions in just one month, according to his biography.

Rish Karam
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Rish Karam’s estimated net worth: $750,000

Rish Karam only joined Family Karma in season 2, but he’s got a pretty hefty net worth under his belt. Karam came onto the reality show because if his relationship with Monica Vaswani, but he makes most of his money from owning and managing a restaurant.

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