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The Canadian Accent Ranked as One of the Best in the World

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Raise your hand if you didn’t think the Canadian accent ranking best in the world, would be on your 2022 bingo card. 

Well, you may want to mark it down because it’s true. 

In a survey done by a popular online tutoring website called Preply, they asked US residents which accents they found the sexiest, smartest and trustworthy, all the way to least appealing and annoying, according to blogTO.  

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Around 2,000 participants took place to rank Canada in the top five for the best accent, the smartest sounding accent and most trustworthy. It was the second most trustworthy, where one in five Americans say they’ve trusted someone more because of how they sound — in this case, Canadian

As for the sexiest accents? Surprisingly, Canada ranks high at number four, where Americans think Canadians sound sexier than Italians but not as sexy as French and Australians. But the number one sexiest accent goes to the U.K., where both male and female participants found the British the most attractive sounding in the world. 

If the Canadian accent is swoon-worthy, we’ll take the confidence. 

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