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The 50 Best Countries to Stretch Your Dollar

Need a change of pace? Tired of living paycheque to paycheque? Well, there are many places around the world where your money will go much further.

Data website Numbeo recently ranked 119 countries based on the cost of living there. Their Consumer Price Index (CPI) of consumer goods includes groceries, restaurants, transport and utilities. The CPI numbers are relative to New York – which would be 100. So, if a country has a CPI of 70, it’s 30 percent cheaper than New York. Note that these indices are historical and they are published periodically, and this post features original rankings from 2015.

Obviously there are some countries on the list that you probably want to avoid for now. Some of the most expensive countries are Bermuda, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway. As of 2018, Canada is in the 26th spot with a CPI of 72.48.

If you’re looking for a cheap long-term holiday, you should consider one of these countries:

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