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Tear Duct Liner: Could This Be the Eyeliner Trend Taking Over?

A woman looking down with glowing makeup and thick black tear duct liner around the eyes and outlining the lid

So far, this season has been defined by aura nails, bleached brows and marinated makeup, but could “tear duct liner” be the next trend taking the world by storm?

This subtle eyeliner style has been popping up on celebrity after celebrity, and it elongates the eyes for a sleek, feline-inspired look.

What is tear duct liner?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Essentially, you concentrate your liner into a sharp point at the inner eye, and make your way along the tear duct for a provocative, enlarged eye shape.

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While it may not necessarily be a new style, it’s definitely been making a splash among celebs and across social media. This year’s tear duct liner does take it just one step further, though. By using flashy colours or extending the liner’s length, this version of the trend is all about really leaning in to and accentuating the look.

A woman with liner surrounding the entire waterline

Who is wearing tear duct liner?

According to Glamour Magazine, celebs like Hailee Steinfeld – who rocked a scarlet tear duct liner with a similar outer wing – have been really leaning into the trend. Created by her makeup artist, Carolina Gonzalez, the look was pretty minimal aside from the deep red liner, allowing her eyes to really pop.

Dua Lipa also donned some tear duct liner from makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench. The fierce, powerful look gave a sharp edge to her simple, glowing makeup.

How do you get the look?

The key to this trend is using a product that‘s safe for your waterline. Whether you’re tightlining or applying the makeup directly beside your tear duct, you’ll want to use an eyeliner that won’t irritate your eyes.

Dr. Shereene Idriss tells The Cut that you want to use brands that have “conducted extensive safety reviews and to make sure you’re gentle when going near your eyes with the pencil.”


NYX Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil in Purple

Nyx Mechanical Eye Pencil in Purple, Amazon, $10.

The best-reviewed waterline eyeliner on Amazon is NYX’s Mechanical Eye Liner Pencil, which is a smudge-proof and highly pigmented liner that won’t irritate your eyes too much. It also comes in standout colours like purple, gold and blue, making it perfect for the tear duct liner look.

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