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5 Skincare Ingredients You Need if You Have Thirsty Skin

Skincare ingredeints

When you have thirsty skin, it tends to feel tight and uncomfortable, which is basically a siren call letting you know it needs water. It’s telling you it has a damaged lipid barrier and needs help STAT. To give your skin the boost it needs, it’s crucial to know the best ingredients that will keep it hydrated and soft. While the skincare aisles today can be an endless parade of buzzwords and hyperbole, we’ve narrowed down the five best to consider.

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Hyaluronic acid

This is likely the one you’ve heard about the most. A molecule that our own body produces, HA is a humectant that attaches to water in the cells and makes them plump. What makes it so outstanding is that it can hold 1000 times its weight in water. Applied topically, you’ll see results immediately as it binds to moisture and gives skin a juicy, glow-y appearance.

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Like HA, glycerin is also a humectant, attracting water from the deeper skin layers or even the air in humid environments and pulling it into the outer skin layer. It also slows down the evaporation of water from your skin, which makes it especially beneficial in winter.

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The human body produces a lipid called squalene but like everything else youthful that we make, this decreases with age. That’s where squalane comes in. Bioidentical to the moisture in humans, squalane is derived from plants like olives, rice bran and sugar cane. Not only does it soften the skin, but it can also help calm redness and inflammation making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

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Fatty acids produced in our epidermis to maintain the skin barrier, ceramides are like building blocks, boosting hydration but also strengthening the skin’s surface. When used in skincare — either created synthetically or derived from plants — they mimic the skin’s built in moisturizing system. They’ve been found to be especially helpful to those with eczema and psoriasis.

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Though it’s getting used less in products due to the vegan craze sweeping the industry, lanolin, which comes from the shorn wool of sheep, is extremely effective and healing. It’s best for spots that are chapped and rough, which is why you tend to find it in lip balms and hand creams. It seals moisture in and can soothe burns, rashes and minor itches.

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