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Scented Face Masks are a Thing Now

A young woman wearing a face mask picking out oranges at a grocery store.

Tired of just breathing in your own coffee breath while wearing a face mask? Well, the latest trend is apparently scented face masks.

If you look back to almost a year ago, before covid wreaked havoc on 2020, the only face masks North Americans were purchasing were hydrating facial masks. The idea of having to wear a medical or cloth mask in public was (and still is, let’s face it) greeted with resistance — especially at the beginning of the pandemic. Fast forward to today, face masks are a highly sought after commodity, and it’s almost become second nature to grab a mask before you leave home.

The evolution of the mask in 2020 went from a plain blue and white medical mask to fashion accessory with bedazzled or patterned cloth masks that even celebs have worn during outings.


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But, that was so 2020, and this year, folx are taking it a step further with scented face masks. From fresh mint to fruity smells, scented masks are on the rise, now that wearing them has become the new norm. These particular scents are a welcome change from some initial offerings.

Back in 2020, a few food companies jumped on the mask-making bandwagon with their food scented face masks — including bacon and fried chicken. While it all sounds “cool” in theory, who really wants to be wafting in those bacon scents during an entire outing? Good luck on keeping that grocery bill low.

While this trend hasn’t fully hit Canada yet, we also wouldn’t be surprised if it was the next “big thing” of 2021. Almost a full year into the pandemic, we never thought we’d be writing about the rise of the scented face mask, but here we are.

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