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Ready for the Rise of Sandlercore? It’s Adam Sandler Summer

Adam Sandler in track pants and a sweater
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When you think of fashion icons, celebs with impeccable style such as Lady Gaga or Zendaya might be the first stars to pop into your mind. However, if there’s one thing 2022 has proven to be, it’s unpredictable. And with that, we have to give our fashion flowers where flowers are due, to the reigning tastemaker of unexpected summer 2022 fashion: Hustle star Adam Sandler.

You might be surprised or confused, thinking — Adam Sandler, as in, noted lover of oversized basketball shorts and baggy hoodies? And to that we say — yes, the very one. You may be wondering, how can the Billy Madison actor be a fashion icon in the midst of hot girl summer, when every time he’s been spotted out and about, he appears to have just rolled out of bed?

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Hear us out: with all the carefully curated aesthetics making waves right now, from the coastal grandmother trend to dopamine dressing, someone has to be a source of style inspo for those of us who prioritize comfort. And there’s no one better at turning a cozy, dad-esque look than Adam Sandler. Over the last few years, we’ve said goodbye to our skinny jeans in favour of looser, baggier fits and opted to layer our bra tops with oversized shirts. We’ve swapped our Converse out in favour of chunky dad sneakers, and mixed in athleisure pieces such as track pants and bike shorts into our wardrobes — all easy, breezy fashion pieces worn and pioneered by the Sandman, giving way to Sandlercore.

Julia Fox beside Adam Sandler
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If there was one thing Uncut Gems was responsible for (aside from putting Julia Fox on the map), it was proving that Sandler will always rock a polo shirt. Although in the film, his shirts were more fitted to play up his character’s penchant for bold looks, the man loves a good oversized shirt when he’s not working and the bigger the fit, the better.

“I go with a lot of XXL even though I’ve been told I don’t need a XXL,” he told Esquire of his fondness for comfortable sizing. “I wear the XXL shirts. I wear the XXL shorts. I pull my socks up goofy and I wear my sneakers.”


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There’s a quality to be respected in someone who will always dress in what makes them feel good, trends and fads be damned. We already have the try-hard fashion lovers like Kim Kardashian in the world, who will go to extreme lengths to fit into a dress for the Met Gala, so it’s only fair that we embrace stars who go the opposite direction with their personal style.

“He’s like a cozy boy,” Uncut Gems costume designer Miyako Bellizzi once shared with GQ. “His personal style is amazing. He wears basketball shorts and Jordans every day, no matter the weather. If he’s not comfortable, then he’s not going to wear it.”

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So we have to praise Sandler’s fashion, which has all of us inspired right now. The man has some serious drip that’s not to be ignored. Plus, if you’re not one for hyper-feminine trends like Barbiecore, then luckily Sandlercore is here for you. So grab your baggiest basketball shorts and an oversized tee and start living your best, most Adam Sandler summer.

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