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Are Mood Rings the Latest ‘90s Trend Making a Comeback?

Hand with rainbow light on it a bracelet and two rings

Grab your Lip Smackers, put your hair in a claw clip, throw on your favourite slip dress, apply some frosted eye shadow and dust off your mood ring, because these little jewellery pieces are coming back.

Throwing it back to those days when you would go to the mall and pick one out at stores like Claire’s or would buy them at the museum gift shop on school trips, mainstream designers and brands are bringing mood rings back — playing perfectly into the latest nostalgic ’90s and Y2K fashion revivals and beauty trends.

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Claire’s chief marketing officer, Kristin Patrick, tells Refinery29 that during those decades, style trends were defined by cultural movements that we’re leaning into again today. “Mood jewelry, in particular, offers an easy way to show a piece of who you are in your everyday accessories and is also great for mixing and matching, giving you the ability to customize a look that feels most you,” she explains.

On TikTok, the #moodrings has around 4.5 million views and makeup brand Tarte’s latest product is contributing to the trend. TikTok creators like Nicole Concilio and Kit Keenan have gone viral for showing how much they love the Tarte Marajuca Juicy Lip & Cheek Shift. Just a swipe of the lip and cheek shift will turn your lips and cheeks into a shade of pink depending on the pH balance of your skin. Jewellery company Stud also released a collection of earrings that change according to your mood. 

So, next time you’re getting ready for the day, why not reach for a colour-shifting accessory to finish off your look to make sure you’re in the right mood?

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