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Interview: Marysol Patton on Why the ‘RHOM’ Reboot is So Good This Time Around


Something’s different about Marysol Patton. The Real Housewives of Miami is back after an eight-year hiatus, and only a few episodes into the reboot, it’s clear that Marysol has changed. It’s fair to say confrontation wasn’t her thing in previous seasons, with her often leaning on friends to fight her battles and ignoring the drama that threatened to damage her reputation — perhaps hoping it would go away. Her mother’s enchanting personality sometimes overshadowed her own, but Marysol seemed happy to lend her the spotlight whenever Mama Elsa unintentionally stole it.

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In season four, we see a bolder woman one who says what’s on her mind and isn’t afraid to stir the pot. From calling out Kiki Barth for her strange comment about milking goats (um no, Kiki, people don’t milk goats with their mouths), to asking that shady question at dinner that started one of the most explosive fights we’ve seen so far, Marysol is giving us the exact right energy that keeps us coming back every week. So why has she changed so much from past seasons? And, with all this energy, why is she just a “friend of the show” and not a main Housewife? I asked Marysol all this and more ahead of her return to RHOM.

This interview has been edited and condensed for brevity.

It’s been eight years since you’ve last been on The Real Housewives of Miami. How does it feel to be back?

MP: It feels really good. [I’m] A little nervous, but good. I’m excited to see a few episodes, and then I’ll relax.

You once had a PR firm, and I’ve heard that you’ve retired. How have you been spending your years since the last time you saw you?

MP: Well, the first three years were kind of fun. I had a really good time. I was very reckless and had way too much fun. And then the universe was like, ‘Oh, you’re having too much fun.’ And I had a really bad break up. A week later, my dad died. Then my mom died. Then my house was hit by a hurricane, and then I spent the next three years trying to pull myself back together. Then I met a really great guy and I got married. And then I’m back up and happy again.

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Marysol Patton and Kiki Barth

In past seasons, you were accused of not standing up for yourself. Are we going to be seeing a different Marysol this time around? 

MP: Can I just tell you that we were talking about how, you know, life threw a big wet blanket on me? Yeah. Nothing nothing gets under my skin anymore. And I think you’re going to hear about it. A lot of things have changed. I’m a different person. 

Nothing nothing gets under my skin anymore.

You still have these friendships. It’s not like you’re picking up where you left off. How will that affect what we see on screen?

MP: I think there’s more of a chemistry. These are genuine friendships that have marinated, been worked on for over a decade. And Alexia, I’ve known for 20 years  we talk every day anyway. We always have — before the show, during the hiatus, during the show, now we talk every day and we film a lot together. We’re very close and it’s just different [in the way that] we know we all love each other and we know each other very well. So I think the chemistry and the dynamic is going to be much better.

Watch the video above for the full interview!

Catch Marysol in The Real Housewives of Miami Tuesdays at 10 ep, available to stream now on STACKTV through Amazon Prime Channels and the Global TV App.

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