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I Took 52 Flights in a Year and This is What I Learned

I Took 52 Flights in a Year and This is What I Learned
Travel is such a blessing for those of us that get the opportunity to experience it — but it’s not always easy when you have to do it often. Thankfully, the last couple of years of full-time travel has given me enough time to learn a trick or two — or in this case — more than a few.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned after 52 flights in one year.

Folding travel water bottle

Staying hydrated while travelling is so important, especially because most airlines never seem to provide you with enough water throughout a flight. Purchasing a large re-usable water bottle to keep a large amount of water with you on long flights is a pro tip I’ve learned after clocking in many, many hours up in the air. However, not everyone likes the idea of carrying a big bulky bottle around — so for those of you who prefer convenience, I totally recommend a folding water bottle.

I have a Platypus DuoLock Soft Bottle that has a clip for your bags and it tends to be more durable than some of the generic ones out there!

Compression socks for airplanes

A lot of people joke about compression socks, but as someone who’s feet blow up on planes, a good compression sock has become somewhat of a best friend to me over the last year. You can trust them to keep your swelling down and circulation on point — and trust me you’ll be much more comfortable after wearing them!

There are tons of brands you can choose from, but I personally like any pairs I can find on Amazon, like these ones!

Proper luggage tags

Possibly one of the most overlooked thing about travel is the use of a good ol’ fashioned luggage tag. As someone who has had her luggage go missing before, I can’t stress how important it is to have your luggage tagged. It’s one of the main ways most airlines identify someone’s belongings. Just imagine how many “black hard case” suitcases there are out in the world. Having a proper, heavy duty luggage tag that won’t rip off your bag while being transported could be the difference between getting your luggage back or not.

These heavy duty tags from Amazon are a preferred pick, if you’re looking to refresh yours — or have been convinced to get ’em for your first time.



Build your immunity to fight germs in planes

Have you ever considered how dirty an airplane is? I’m no germaphobe, but the point in my life where I was travelling most, was also when I came down with a nasty flu that I couldn’t kick for three months. I think a lot of this had to do with my immune system and the fact that I was confined in a metal tube up in the sky — filled with germs — for hours on end, for every flight I went on.

Some of the ways I gave my immune system a boost was by taking Vitamin C more regularly as well as making sure that I always got at least eight hours of sleep (read: a healthy amount rest).

Bring a back-up card for travel mishaps

The first time I travelled, I didn’t have a credit card. Instead I thought I could get by with just my bank card and some cash. Then I found out my bank card wasn’t accepted at every ATM and I ran out of cash pretty quickly. It was a disaster and I had to call my sister and get her to pay for my hostel that night. I learned my lesson pretty quickly and the next time I travelled, I made sure I had a credit card and a prepaid card just because I was paranoid it would happen again.

When picking travel credit cards, make sure you pick one that earns your points and has lower transaction fees. I like the Amex Platinum because I usually earn a lot of points while travelling, get free access to lounges all over the world, and you get a $200 travel credit each year which can be enough for a flight in some places. I’m always happy to get free travel, as you can probably tell on my Instagram @meaganfaye!

 for SliceMeagan Faye is a social media rockstar, video creator, and world traveler. She founded her Instagram account @meaganfaye and YouTube channel to help empower women to live their best lives by exploring fashion, lifestyle and travel!








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