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Email Etiquette: 15 Phrases You Need to Stop Using in Work Emails

Your inbox is overflowing with unread emails, and the idea of opening one is filling you with dread — but not because of the work it’s going to add to your day or because you have a feeling you already know the answer to a question you posed earlier.  Rather, you don’t want to open your email because of the annoying phrases your eyes are going to have to absorb for the umpteenth time.

Most of us are forced to read dozens of work emails on a daily basis, but the task gets even more laborious when the same phrases are in said messages often. Too often. Painfully often.

From the most annoying sign-offs to unnecessary words, we’re looking at the most irksome email phrases of the bunch. And, in case you’re looking to change things up, we’ve come up with some suggestions you may want to use instead.

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