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Here’s Why You Should Eat More Pineapple

two pineapples beside each other

Summer is ending and that means that Pina Colada season is bidding us goodbye, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about pineapple and its tastiness. It turns out, this sweet fruit has a number of health benefits that you need to know about, according to several dieticians who spoke to Eat This, Not That.

It can reduce IBD

Pineapple contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that is said to aid in inflammation. This means it could possibly reduce IBD. So the next time you’re worried about an inflamed digestive tract, reach for a slice or two of pineapple.

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It’s packed with vitamin C

Pineapple has a ton of vitamin C, which is great for alleviating joint pain caused by osteoarthritis, improving immune health, and decreasing the risk for heart disease, according to registered dietician Keri Gans.

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It can improve bone health

Pineapple also has lots of manganese, which is great for building strong and healthy bones.

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It can reduce pain

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, pineapple can also help to alleviate pain from burns and swelling.

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It can lower high blood pressure

Those bromelain enzymes in pineapple are also good at stopping your blood from clotting and they also are known to boost red and white blood cell production. This means that your blood will be able to flow more easily, which means your blood pressure won’t be as high.

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